Crossbuck BBQ Opens Anchor Restaurant in Farmers Branch TODAY

With Restauranteur, Chef and Pitmaster Tim McLaughlin behind the fire, Crossbuck BBQ is ready to serve customers at their anchor location opening in Farmers Branch, TX on April 4, 2022. Their all-original barbecue menu blends flavors and traditions from around the globe, with a modern approach to smoking food and operating a restaurant that focuses on pleasing their customers.

McLaughlin has decades of experience creating memorable meals, restaurants, and experiences for patrons. As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, McLaughlin spent the early part of his career in fine dining. When he moved to Texas, he naturally dove into the BBQ world and applied that training to smoking techniques. Now, with over twelve years of hands-on experience in the Texas BBQ scene where he has operated successful BBQ restaurants, he is ready to share his vision of BBQ.

“I think time and the pandemic have changed what people want out of a restaurant,” says McLaughlin. “Our goal at Crossbuck is to not just create delicious food and a great atmosphere, but to continually push the envelope.” Crossbuck BBQ was developed with intent: to deliver punch-you-in-the-face, memorable flavors with innovative smoking techniques, artistic culinary practices and a restaurant that is designed for experimentation and creativity.

Alongside Tim’s culinary and restaurant expertise stands Pitmaster and business partner, Damian Avila, an accomplished Chef and Operator in his own right. Together, they will manage the intricate process of making a restaurant run smoothly, as well as tending to two custom designed 15-foot M Grill’s smokers that reside in front of the restaurant.

These smoking treasures are triple-insulated, temperature-controlled, wood burning works of art that can smoke over 800 lbs. of meat each day. Crossbuck has no intention of running out of your favorite dishes.

Crossbuck BBQ is opening at 4400 Spring Valley Rd in Farmers Branch, TX and is ready to serve the community, where they “smoke their food with love”. Customers can enjoy specials every day, main dishes like turkey, ribs, brisket, sausage, and salmon among others, as well as an array of sides that include baked bean and mac n’ cheese classics to fresh vegetables and salad.

The newly designed space features earthy colors and a clean, industrial style with both dine-in seating and an outdoor patio filled with picnic tables. Crossbuck will also offer all catering services and easy carry-out through online ordering from their website,

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