Are Slots with a Multiplier or Free Spins Better?

Over the years, slots have grown in many ways. There was a time when free bet casino no deposit slots meant nothing more than winning a cash prize by landing matching symbols in a line. But today, there is a lot more to it. Slots now have a series of interesting features like wilds, scatters, re-spins, auto-play, multipliers, free spins and so on. In this article, we will talk about how multipliers and free spins make slots so much more interesting.

What are Multipliers?

Multipliers can mainly be classified into 2 broad categories:

·        Win Multiplier: This multiplier multiplies the net amount of winnings a player had made so far.

·        Bet Multiplier: This multiplier multiplies the amount the player had placed as a stake in the round.

Your situation actually determines which category is better for you. If the net amount you had won so far be more than the amount you had staked in the round, a win multiplier would be better. However, if the amount you had staked in the round be more than the net amount you had won so far, a bet multiplier would be better.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are rounds where you get to spin the reel for free, i.e., you do not have to make a deposit for it. They act as an incentive for keeping players engaged. When you play a slot game, you have to put in money. So, you are constantly in fear of losing it throughout the game. But free spins eliminate the risk and let you play without fear.

In many online casinos, free spins are also used as a way of promoting new games. It is the same as a company offering free samples to customers at the time of launching a new product. After all, online gambling involves real money. So, a new game may seem risky to players because it is like venturing into unchartered territory.

Free Spins vs Multipliers – What to Choose?

Players keep wondering which slot game to choose. Should you choose a slot game that offers free spins or should you choose a slot game that offers multipliers? Well, the answer is that you should go for a game that can give you both. In reality, both free spins and multipliers have their own benefits. An ideal game of slots will offer players free spins as well as multipliers because it will enhance the quality of the gameplay. It will also increase your chances of reaping huge profits.

Best Slot Games Offering Free Spins and Multipliers

Name of Slot GameReturn to Player Rate(approx.)Variance/VolatilitySoftware Provider
Jurassic Park97%MediumMicrogaming
Bust the Bank97%MediumMicrogaming
Steam Tower97%MediumNet Ent
Space Wars97%MediumNet Ent

Final Thoughts

Free spins and multipliers are surely important. Nevertheless, there are some other things that matter too. Whenever you choose a slot game to play online, make sure to choose one where the return to player rate is more than 96%. Additionally, you must ensure that the game you choose has medium volatility. That is when the size of the rewards will be at par with how often you win them. 

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