4 Things a Beer Menu Can Tell You About a Bar or Brewery

If you find yourself struggling to comprehend the details in your new joint’s beer menu, then they have a problem. They could have just thrown in some nonsensical and gibberish language into the beer menu. 

The breakneck pace at which some brewers and those in the industry are creating beer menus is unreasonably unrealistic. The root problem has everything to do with the terms used.

Let’s delve a little deeper into this below. 

What Is A Beer Menu?

An expert beer connoisseur knows the importance of a bar having a beer menu. In layman’s terms, a beer menu reflects a bar or brewery’s recognition of its neighborhood’s taste. Especially for new bars, the menu can have a huge impact on your pub’s sales and popularity. 

One thing to note is that there’s a big shift in beer consumption as more and more people have a preference for high-end beer. Most people are now willing to pay top dollar on quality beer depending on the brand, taste, and location. A beer menu can have all these aspects addressed as it should not only contain the types of beer sold but also the prices therein.

How To Create A Beer Menu Online 

Modern beer menus are digitized and depending on your inventory, they can be customized with efficient ways of tracking sales. Moreover, you can create and share your digital beer menu with beer enthusiasts across the planet, given today’s advanced social channels and other internet platforms. 

Well, one of the best ways to create a beer menu is using tools made for just that. The Untappd digital beer menu is one such tool that carries a database for beers around the world. With such a tool, creating beer menus becomes efficient, easy, and affordable. This is not to mention the ability to customize your menus if need be, alongside real-time analytics for the most popular beers in your area. 

Digital beer menu tools can also double up as a powerful marketing strategy, plus it makes inventory management a breeze. 

that can greatly help in engaging your customers, providing you with the ability to customize whenever need be, and providing you with real-time analytics.

In most cases, all you need is to enter details like your name, bar name, location, and address, and the tool does the rest of the magic. 

4 Things a Beer Menu Can Tell You About A Bar

1. Quality vs. Quantity

The right beer menu should reflect on quality rather than on quantity. No matter how much beer you take at a bar or how much you order from a brewery, you’ll only come to one conclusion; the quality of services and brands provided. 

2. Do They Care About You?

This is a no-brainer. A beer menu should also indicate the alcohol content in each beer flagon. Knowing how much alcohol you can take in one sitting can help you limit your expenses and in so doing, avoid certain misgivings.

3. Provision of Options

A beer menu shouldn’t be limited to including just the names of popular beers. Rather, it should indicate different pore sizes. The types of glassware used, beer flavors provided, and other concoctions should be an indicator that you are in the right place. 

4. They Know What You Are Into

Typically, the right menu indicates in detail what they have to offer, all depending on the demands. With tons of variations, it can be hard to determine what should go into your mug. The right menu, however, should have a tap list of all offers – booze or bold, tropical or fruity, and sessionable or crisp. 

Beer menus have become distinctive in this rapidly growing industry. There’s a lot that you can learn about a pub from a beer menu. You should not be restricted to a single-choice beer. Consider a bar that provides you with a variety of options in terms of quantity and price range. Quality service provision should also be a priority. 

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  1. ryan

    The way you know a DFW restaurant knows nothing about beer – their selection is as follows:

    Deep Ellum Blonde
    Peticolas Velvet Hammer
    Revolver Blood and Honey
    Lakewood Temptress
    Community Mosaic IPA

    Truly the most generic DFW menu out there, and I promise you, this exact lineup is freaking EVERYWHERE. I’m not saying those breweries are bad. I’m saying restaurants need to look deeper and see there are tons of other good beers besides those.

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