Deep Ellum Brick and Bones Serving Weekend Brunch

A long time Crave favorite for fried chicken is the Deep Ellum staple, Brick and Bones. They announced today that they will now be serving brunch, which is exciting news.

In addition to their late-night offerings, the eatery has introduced a new brunch menu available on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am-3 pm. Brick & Bone’s delicious fried chicken will be available for brunch, and after two long years, the restaurant has brought back a favorite, the “chicken & waffles” to the brunch menu only.

Along with the chicken & waffles, there are other new menu items such as the breakfast burrito, elotes toast with avocado, and breakfast quesadillas. From the bar, the restaurant has announced new brunch cocktails like their B&B Maria, Mimosa carafes, and their ice brewed coffee cocktail “Coffee our güey.” 

“We want to welcome the folks that just know of us as a late-night chicken spot to give our brunch a try,” says owner Cliff Edgar. “We’re very excited to be bringing a new experience with more offerings at a time that is more accessible and much easier to park!” 

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