Why eating quality food is important for our body

The topic of eating healthy, quality food has been discussed for decades now. Everyone
from doctors to nutritionists and scientists has done multiple studies that come to the same
conclusion: quality food is essential for a long and healthy life.

Eating quality food allows you to get get healthy without trying, lowers the chance of getting sick,
and, as mentioned, gives you the best chance of living a long life. Here are 9 reasons why
you should start eating the best food right now.

The most significant benefit of eating good food is its nutritional content. Fresh, unprocessed
food has all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need in your daily life. Getting these
nutrients is also far easier than you may think.

165g of orange slices, for example, contains 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirements.
Another great example is that one Brazil nut contains all the selenium you need in a day.

Low in Sugar
Sugar has become one of the most significant issues many people face when trying to be
healthy. Almost everything contains sugar, with many processed foods having the same or
even more sugar than a can of soda.
Natural and unprocessed foods have low sugar content, with the foods that are high in
sugar, such as fruit, offsetting their sugar content by being high in water or fiber.

Heart Health
The heart is the motor that keeps your body going, and an unhealthy heart will affect almost
every aspect of your body. Good quality foods are packed with antioxidants that keep your
blood clean and healthy and therefore allow your heart to function as best as it can.

Many people still underestimate the the power of fiber. Not only does it boost digestive function,
but it also improves your metabolic rate and provides the feeling of being full, two things that
stop you from overeating and allow you to process foods quicker and better.

Skin Health
Your skin is one of the first things that will be affected by harmful foods. Breakouts, acne,
redness, and dry skin can all be caused simply by eating too much fast food or foods high in
sugar and fats.
Foods such as avocado have been shown to protect the skin against sun damage, while
foods such as vegetables, fish, and beans keep the skin’s elasticity and help slow the
development of wrinkles in older age.

Dental Health
Keeping your teethteeth looking their best requires more than just brushing twice a day. Foods
high in sugar will cause deterioration and cavities, while not ingesting enough calcium will
make them weak and prone to cracks and breaking.
Both cheese and green tea have been shown to strengthen the enamel, something that can
not be regrown or fixed once lost or damaged.

Illness Prevention
While eating healthy food won’t stop you from getting sick, what it does do is increase your
immune strength. This means your body is able to fight against sickness and disease, and
when you do get sick, your body has all the tools it needs to fight the virus.

This extends to getting surgery as well, as those who have healthy diets have been shown to
recover quicker from surgeries and have a lower chance of developing blood clots and other
issues associated with surgery recovery.

Weight Management
Another big issue many people face is their weight. While some find it relatively easy to
maintain their weight, others struggle no matter what they do. While it may seem shallow,
there is a reason why the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” holds true.
Even if you don’t want abs, the message is still the same. Eating the right foods will help you
maintain and even lose weight without stepping foot in a gym.

This may be surprising to some, but eating high-quality food is actually cheaper in the long
run. However, this cost difference is caused because eating healthily is more affordable than
being sick.

Multiple studies have found that those with Type 2 Diabetes spend almost 2.5 times more on
medicine than they would spend on healthy food. In simple terms, being healthy is much
cheaper than being sick.

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