Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut Edition 13: Acer Saccharum

Today, Monkey 47, the cult-favorite, ultra-premium dry gin from Germany’s Black Forest, announced the release of the newest edition of its Distiller’s Cut, with an exclusive number of bottles available in the U.S. for a limited time. Monkey 47 has debuted a new edition of its highly collectible Distiller’s Cut every year since 2010. Now in its 13th year, Monkey 47’s obsession with the hunt for the legendary ‘Species Rara’ continues, allowing the brand to further enhance its signature Schwarzwald Dry Gin by the inclusion of a carefully selected 48th botanical. Distiller’s Cut turns highly acclaimed and beloved Monkey 47 Dry Gin into a limited edition that thrills the senses and sets the hearts of bartenders and gin enthusiasts racing. Monkey 47 has now unveiled Acer Saccharum, better known as maple syrup, as the Species Rara in the 13th Distiller’s Cut edition.

With last year’s Species Rara (Galium Odoratum or Woodruff), found so close to home in Germany’s Black Forest, this year, Monkey 47 embarked on a quest to find the 48th botanical over 4,349 miles away in Canada. As the second largest country in the world, Canada’s diverse, modern, peaceful, and warm-hearted nation captivates with the pristine, breathtaking beauty of natural wilderness. This is precisely where the latest Species Rara comes from – Canadian Maple Trees. 

“Monkey 47 has always pushed the boundaries of gin craftsmanship while respecting tradition, a juxtaposition that has built us cache with bartenders and spirits enthusiasts while honing our position as a leader in ultra-premium gin,” said Rima Sawaya, Brand Director Gins Portfolio, Pernod Ricard USA. “We know our community of Monkey 47 lovers thrive on adventure and discovery of life’s hidden gems, which is what led us over 4,000 miles from Monkey 47’s home in the Black Forrest to find the best of the best Species Rara for our newest collectible.”

For this year’s edition, Monkey 47 set out to partner with local maple syrup farmers in Canada, seeking to find a partner that shares Monkey 47’s passion for craftmanship. The journey led Monkey 47 to the sugar bush of the Cosman & Webb Farm. Established in 1977, in the Eastern Township of Southern Quebec, this farm has been dedicated to producing the finest, purest organic maple syrup for nearly half a century. Today, the ancient forest and fertile soils are home to an abundance of thriving animal and plant species. It is a sanctuary of biodiversity, a place of beauty, and is now cherished by a third generation of the Cosman family. With Monkey 47 and Cosman & Webb Organic Maple Syrup both being handcrafted and produced in small batches with an absolute dedication to unparalleled quality, the collaboration felt very natural.

With the addition of Acer Saccharum (maple syrup), Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2023 is a spicy and elegant dry gin that features a delicate, sweet note with a hint of caramel against a background of exceptional density and complexity. “Maple syrup has a compelling taste profile, the fine nuances of which go perfectly with the aroma diversity and complexity of Monkey 47,” said Alexander Stein, founder of Monkey 47.

Staying true to Monkey 47’s collectable and sophisticated bottle, which reflects the brand’s rich heritage and constant pursuit of quality, the label on Distiller’s Cut Edition 13 is a light and warm brown tone, getting its inspiration from the maple tree bark. The giftbox is created with sustainable FSC paper and its design unites Monkey 47’s legendary jungle elements from its well-known wallpaper, with a series of cheeky monkeys and the new unique label colorway in a refined understated manner. Of course, one cannot forget the distinctive bottle neck ring engraved with the Latin words ‘EX PLURIBUS UNUM’ (Latin for “one out of many”), especially gold-coated for the annual limited release.

Gin lovers and cocktail enthusiasts are encouraged to join Monkey 47’s pursuit of ‘wunderbar’ adventures and discover a coveted bottle of Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2023 near them. Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut is bottled at 47% ABV and has an SRP of $79.99 for a 375ml.

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