FWFWF Announces Dynamic Event, “Beyond Borders: A Culinary Journey” with James Beard-Recognized Chefs

The Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation is thrilled to announce a one-of-a-kind culinary experience – “Beyond Borders: A Culinary Journey” a remarkable event that transcends culinary and cultural boundaries. Hosted in partnership with Texas Monthly, Visit Fort Worth, and TX Whiskey Ranch, this exclusive dining experience will bring together the cuisine of Tom PeriniMichael Fojtasek, and Rodrigo Cárdenas, three highly acclaimed James Beard-recognized chefs for an unforgettable evening of cross-cultural gastronomy.


This event promises to be a night of unparalleled culinary exploration, celebrating the flavors and traditions that have shaped the culinary landscape of Texas. The foundation seeks to showcase how food has a unique way of uniting people and transcending borders.

This extraordinary event will take place at the picturesque TX Whiskey Ranch, offering a stunning backdrop for this unique culinary experience. It is a crossroads of cowboy and vaquero culture, and deep Southern roots, as the three culinary luminaries showcase their distinct styles and rich heritages, spotlighting the delicious connections that exist between culinary Mexican, Southern, and Texas traditions.

Chef Tom Perini, known for his legendary Perini Ranch Steakhouse, will bring the spirit of the West to the table. Chef Michael Fojtasek of Olamaie will captivate the palate with his Southern-inspired creations, and Chef Rodrigo Cárdenas of Don Artemio Mexican Heritage will introduce diners to the vibrant and diverse world of Northern Mexican cuisine.

“We’re excited to take guests on a journey that transcends borders and brings together the best of our culinary traditions,” said Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation Executive Director Julie Eastman, “This event is about celebrating the shared love for good food and the rich cultural tapestry that has shaped Texas cuisine.”

Russell Kirkpatrick, Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation Emeritus Chair and Festival Co-founder continued, “Beyond Borders is more than just a dinner; it’s an exploration of the cultural ties that connect us. We’re thrilled to showcase the diverse flavors of the South and the Mexican heritage that is a part of Texas’s DNA.”

Stay tuned for additional announcements and details in the coming months. For more information about Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation or to set up an interview, please email ivy@hollandcollective.co

Event Details:

Beyond Borders: A Culinary Journey

Saturday, January 27, 2024 | 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

TX Whiskey Ranch, 601 Whiskey Ranch Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76119

Price – $250 per person

A Culinary Journey with Chefs Tom Perini, Michael Fojtasek + Rodrigo Cárdena

From cowboys to vaqueros and deep Southern roots this cross-cultural dining experience will unite three James beard recognized chefs for one unbelievable evening. Dinner hosted by Texas Monthly, Visit Fort Worth and TX Whiskey

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