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Artist Meet And Greet: Kelly Jacobi And Michael McPheeters

Kelli-Jacobi-1by Erica Guajardo

Motivation tends to come from an experience that you are effected by. Not all experiences are great, but sometimes the results are life changing. I recently had the pleasure of meeting two artists that are making movements in the Dallas Metroplex. Kelly Jacobi and Michael McPheeters, these two artists are changing who gets involved with the local emerging art movement.

Kelly Jacobi is an artist who has been practicing art her whole life. With a background in graphic design, illustration, photography, and painting, there is no project that this young artist cannot tackle. About six months ago I walked into my local coffee shop to come across these eerie grim dark pieces hanging from the wall. These are things that an average person would not paint. One thing as an artist you learn is that creating comes from experience; there is always a tale to tell, you just need to learn how to illustrate it. Intrigued by these dark art pieces I contacted her to know more about the statement that she was trying to convey. Little did I know I would find a world of mystery, sorrow, and courage.

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