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Food and Fashion: Lunch with Ashley Burghardt

ash1by Jayne Chobot

There are actually people who laugh when fashion and food are mentioned together. Even I was once told that I can’t be known for both. Pshaw, as a Southerner once taught me to say. I have learned over the years that people who are passionate and talented in one creative area are generally passionate and talented in others, even if it’s not widely known. To succeed as an artist of any kind, an inner fire must be working that can’t help but spark other areas of brilliance and desire. I was delighted to learn last month that this theory is undoubtedly true of Dallas’s purse darling Ashley Burghardt, of Ashard Richley. Ashley and I met for a lovely brunch at West Village’s Moroccan restaurant Baboush (how thrilled was I when she did not request Tex Mex?) and I caught a glimmer of the depths of this woman’s intrigue.       Continue reading

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