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Peace, Hope & Butterflies

monarch-butterfliesby Jayne Chobot Herring

Tomorrow afternoon at Flag Pole Hill, Miracle Players Foundation will be hosting its third annual Peace, Hope, & Butterflies family fun and music festival. In addition to being a fabulous event for the whole family to enjoy, with live music including Five Times August, Fox and the Bird, August and J, and Dovetail, a petting zoo, obstacle course, pirate ship, arts and crafts, a giant slide, local art vendors, and of course food trucks, it’s one you can be proud to attend. 100% of proceeds from the event go directly to funding childhood cancer research at Children’s Medical Center Dallas.   Continue reading

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Food and Fashion: Lunch with Ashley Burghardt

ash1by Jayne Chobot

There are actually people who laugh when fashion and food are mentioned together. Even I was once told that I can’t be known for both. Pshaw, as a Southerner once taught me to say. I have learned over the years that people who are passionate and talented in one creative area are generally passionate and talented in others, even if it’s not widely known. To succeed as an artist of any kind, an inner fire must be working that can’t help but spark other areas of brilliance and desire. I was delighted to learn last month that this theory is undoubtedly true of Dallas’s purse darling Ashley Burghardt, of Ashard Richley. Ashley and I met for a lovely brunch at West Village’s Moroccan restaurant Baboush (how thrilled was I when she did not request Tex Mex?) and I caught a glimmer of the depths of this woman’s intrigue.       Continue reading

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Foodie Summer Reading List: Grant Achatz’s Life, on the Line

by Jayne Chobot

Chicago’s Grant Achatz is not the first chef to make me cry. If you are an emotional person (admittedly I am) and you work long enough in the restaurant industry it is guaranteed to happen. But this was not a result of sleep deprivation or a broken heart or a heated argument in a hot and stressful kitchen environment at the end of a dinner rush about how many large parties we can fit in the dining room on a Thursday night in December.

These tears came while reading Life, On the Line, written by Achatz and his business partner, Nick Kokonas, and published last year by Gotham.  There are a lot of chef memoirs out there right now, and I’m trying to get through as many as I can. But this one has stuck with me in a way that few memoirs of any kind have. It had been recommended to me by countless friends and I am going to do you the same courtesy.             Continue reading

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Jayne Behind the Wheel

by Jayne Chobot

It is a long story as to why I didn’t get my first driver’s license until 2 weeks prior to my thirty-third birthday. While I did live in New York City for most of my adult life and certainly didn’t need to drive during that time, I’m not actually from NY so that’s not really an excuse. Mostly I was just too damn busy. I spent the summers of my teen years living in a small beach town where I could walk or bike everywhere, and during the rest of the year I was so involved in school and local theater that I couldn’t be bothered to find the time to learn to drive. We weren’t allowed to have cars on campus at my small university in Pennsylvania anyway, and then I high-tailed it up to the big bad Big Apple as soon as I could.     Continue reading

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Stoneleigh Goes Luxe

by Jayne Chobot

Yesterday Dallas’ The Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa joined CAM Hospitality Management, Luxe Hotels representatives and community leaders to celebrate the re-branding of the landmark property as Luxe Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa.

After the celebratory ribbon-cutting, the hotel’s lobby centerpiece Bolla Bar served beautiful complimentary cranberry and raspberry cocktails, and Executive Chef Cesar Gallegos and his team dished out small plates of Texas beef brisket and seared scallops with smoked cheddar grits to delighted guests of the event. Tours of the stunning and opulent suites with magnificent architecture and breathtaking views of downtown Dallas were provided on request. As an event planner and an on-the-hunt bride, I was really impressed with the offerings and style of this legendary landmark.   Continue reading

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Jayne Blazes A Katy Trail

by Jayne M. Chobot

I come from a family of geniuses. My running joke is that if I’m good they let me set the table pretty. I am the oldest of four children, born to parents who are still, 33 years later, happily married (and sometimes disgustingly so). One of the many differences between me and the rest of my family is that I seem to be the only one who did not get the running gene. I briefly gave it a half-hearted shot in junior high, but I was much more interested in aesthetics; always content with music, dance, food, and decorating the world in various ways.     Continue reading


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