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What The Heck Is Breadfruit And Why Did Bligh Want It?

by Steven Doyle

Breadfruit has long been a staple in Pacific islands, from where it spread to the Caribbean and Africa. Most probably first heard of the tropical wunderkind food that is packed full of nutrients while studying our history which discussed the expeditions of the HMS Bounty commanded by Lieutenant Bligh, and one Mr. Christian who eventually was the lead in a mutiny.              Continue reading

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Lays Announces Top Three For The Big Flavor Hunt

lays flavorsby Steven Doyle

Lays announced their three finalists in their big hunt for the newest flavor where the winner would receive a cool ranch million. I suggested a flavor hoping to at least be considered for one of the third world nations; however it is quite possible that Lays already has Balut chips on the shelves in the Philippines. The finalists are instead Cheesy Garlic Bread, Chicken & Waffles, and Sriracha. A bit obvious if you ask me, but I do not sell billions of pounds of potatoes worldwide.

Doing some minor research for unusually flavored potato chips I ran across some flavors Americans might find unsettling, and a few that would do rather well if they were marketed properly in the States.

Jump with me for a look at a few packages I found.    Continue reading


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