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A History of Carolina Chicken Bogs

eric1by Eric Spigner

This story takes place in Horry County South Carolina during the 1800’s on a plantation owned by Captain Henry Buck who was originally from Maine. This area was also the home of a Native Tribe called Chicora who lived along the Pee Dee River all the way up to Cape Fear River North Carolina. Rice and timber was the main source for economic wealth in this area and Henry Buck was one of the main controllers of these two resources.

It is recorded that Henry owned over 100 slaves on his plantation on the banks of the Wacamaw River which also ran along with the Pee Dee River. On this plantation it was said that the slaves who worked this land were treated very kindly by Henry and that they were also compensated for their labor. The slaves on this plantation were also allowed to plant their own vegetables and raise their own livestock such as chickens, goats and pigs. With large amounts of food resources the slaves would make sausage, ham and bacon which were smoked in a shed that was built just for the purpose of smoking.   Continue reading

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