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Dallas Motor Company

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The founders what makes Dallas Motor Company so unique. They have similar backgrounds in technology and a huge love for cars. Before cars were found with the touch of a button, it was challenging to find a quality vehicle, an honest dealer, or a hassle-free transaction. Our founders have spent many years in the automotive industry developing relationships to bring forth an easy solution to buying a car. It is seen in the way they run our business and by the business model they established.

At Dallas Motor Company, is to operate a low-cost, high-volume business by providing our customers with a superior quality vehicle while educating them about the online automotive marketplace. From the beginning, we built our business with honesty and integrity, dismissing the used car dealer stigma. Our relaxed approach makes it possible for car buyers to acquire a car in a hassle-free environment without having to haggle over prices or sit at a dealership for hours. Our easy-to-navigate storefront allows even non-technical individuals with slow bandwidth to find the vehicles they are looking for from the convenience of their home or office.


Their Mission

At Dallas Motor Company, is to provide people with pre-owned vehicles of superior quality with great finance rates in a hassle-free environment. Everything we do reflects this mission and our values make it possible to remove the used car dealer stigma.

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