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Elevation Beer Downpour

elevationby Brian Wall

Elevation Beer Company is relatively new to the Texas beer market. Based in Poncha Springs Colorado, Elevation categorizes their beers in way similar to skiing.  There is a black diamond and double black diamond series. On the side of the bottle is a suggestion for food pairings to heighten the taste and experience of the beer. The brewery opened in 2012 and is still young in its offerings but still gave a nice beverage to taste.

The beer sampled this go around was the Downpour Extra India Pale Ale. This beer gave off a slight scent of a pilsner with a slight maltiness. Color poured an amber with a caramel hue. The flavor is not like other IPA’s. The malty flavor is slightly sweet with a back bite of hop character. There is very little piney taste or citrusy flavor that presents itself.    Continue reading

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