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Elvis Sandwich Lore

Music-Sound Bites-Box Setsby Steven Doyle

We pretty much associate Elvis with that quirky sandwich made with peanut butter, bananas. The original sandwich that hooked the crooner did not have slices of bacon as we so often think, but instead just mashed bananas and white bread slathered with peanut butter. Later Elvis was introduced to a toasted version with the added bacon, because the sandwich just wasn’t  nearly the heart attack inducer it could be. An even later version had the sandwich fried in a skillet of butter.

Then we have Fool’s Gold. This is a lesser known version of the sandwich that actually had Elvis flying across country on a whim to devour.  Continue reading

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Uchi Expanding to Denver


Hai Hospitality, the restaurant group based in Austin, Texas, announced today the location of its seventh restaurant in Denver, CO. Owner and Executive Chef Tyson Cole’s Uchi Denver, located at 2501 Lawrence Street, will mark the first time the group has opened a restaurant outside of Texas.  Hai Hospitality’s current restaurants include Uchi Austin, Uchi Dallas, Uchi Houston, Uchiko, Top Knot; and Loro, which will open later this year in Austin.   Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Beer, and it’s not Just a Beer Fest

gabf2by Nellie Montgomery, Party Architect and Co-Founder of Big Texas Beer Fest

Every year, Chad and I attend the Great American Beer Festival. It is where our discussions of Big Texas Beer Fest originated from. We purchase tickets as ordinary festival-goers, we plan our Denver trip around the four sessions, we make notes on which breweries we want to hit while we are there.

The morning of the festival, we order a pancake flight from Snooze, we pound all the water we can, and we make our walk to the Denver Convention Center. It’s become a tradition, and we don’t plan on breaking tradition any time soon. GABF, much like our Big Texas Beer Fest, has become a part of our lives. Continue reading

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Elevation Beer Downpour

elevationby Brian Wall

Elevation Beer Company is relatively new to the Texas beer market. Based in Poncha Springs Colorado, Elevation categorizes their beers in way similar to skiing.  There is a black diamond and double black diamond series. On the side of the bottle is a suggestion for food pairings to heighten the taste and experience of the beer. The brewery opened in 2012 and is still young in its offerings but still gave a nice beverage to taste.

The beer sampled this go around was the Downpour Extra India Pale Ale. This beer gave off a slight scent of a pilsner with a slight maltiness. Color poured an amber with a caramel hue. The flavor is not like other IPA’s. The malty flavor is slightly sweet with a back bite of hop character. There is very little piney taste or citrusy flavor that presents itself.    Continue reading

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