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Meet Kiwee, Kiwi’s Little Cousin

kiweeby Steven Doyle

Just when you thought you tried every fruit imaginable, comes along a new taste sensation… the Kiwee. This is the younger cousin to the fruit, kiwi. Unlike its counterpart, the kiwee has no fur and does  not need to be peeled to be eaten. The fruit is not genetically modified, and was actually discovered growing wild in China. The fruit had a short shelf life and did not take kindly to shipment. New Zealand fruit growers cross-bred the heartiest versions of the fruit to solve that problem, and soon the kiwee was born.   Continue reading

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Rambutan Is This Year’s Trendiest Fruit


Shoppers this summer will be surprised to see a new and strange-looking item in their produce isles. Rambutan is taking the US and Canada by storm and quickly being considered one of this year’s trendiest fruits. The sea urchin-lookalike is sweet and juicy; it’s very similar in texture and flavor to grape. HLB rambutans are available in close to 3,000 stores nationwide, which is a 50 percent increase from last year.   Continue reading

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