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YoBelly App Makes Dining With Friends Simple


YoBelly, a free-to-download app for hungry bellies, is answering the question “Where should we eat?” once and for all.  Leveraging individuals’ specific food preferences and their locations, the newly launched app assigns each user a personal “food zodiac” to guide them in their dining adventures.  Pooling from over 60 different cuisines and millions of menu items from top restaurants nationwide, YoBelly is tastefully aligning patrons with their ideal restaurant dishes.  Consider it the new matchmaking app leading to thousands of happy unions (between dish and belly, that is).”

After downloading the YoBelly app to any Android or iPhone, users will be asked a series of detailed questions pertaining to their food habits and taste.  Once the survey is completed, individuals will be assigned a “food zodiac” or avatar, such as a bear, lion, or gazelle.  Users will then be sent YoBelly dish recommendations from a diverse selection of restaurants selected specifically for their avatar.    Continue reading

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