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Eat Me: Shrimp and Crab Martini at Lake House Bar and Grill


Fancy that jumbo shrimp in a tomato cucumber salsa with red onions, guacamole and lump crab meat? The sumptuous combination of some of the most copacetic components in the culinary lexicon is a mere $15 at Lake House Bar and Grill. It is listed as an appetizer, but two would make a light main course because it simply is very addictive.

More generally, Lake House Bar and Grill deserves a shout out because it runs somewhat under the radar. It is squeezed in the southeast corner of Northwest Highway and West Lawther Drive, near the White Rock DART train station. The big parking space is at the back. Housed in a funky old building is a horseshoe-shaped bar and a sit down restaurant with the latter being away from the road. It has a strong and eclectic local following empty-nesters sit next to young families and millennials out to test how much body piercing can get through an airport security scan.  Continue reading

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