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Kolaches, a Little North of West

PSKolache7by Trey Moran

I had heard and read about Pearl Snap Kolaches for months but had yet make it over there, so I went.  They are located in the old “Tres Joses” location on White Settlement road not far from University Drive where the road makes the big “S” curve. There is not much in the way of signage but you can’t miss it.

Inside is setup to be like a comfortable coffee shop/lounge with couches, tables and chairs. The atmosphere is pretty laid back. Some traces of the Mexican restaurant are still visible, such as the wall sized bullfighter mural, which adds to the charm.  As you enter, the counter is directly in front of you with all of the offerings displayed. A large chalk board menu is just above but it’s hard not to stare and salivate at what is laid out before you in the case. These really are not your traditional Czech kolaches and what sets these apart from the others I have tried is the dough. These are very light and slightly yeasty. Imagine a Hawaiian sweet roll with a little more density.   Continue reading

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