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What Are You Craving For Valentine’s Day?

What-do-you-Crave-for-VDay-800by Erica Guajardo

What do you CRAVE for Valentine’s Day?  This is the question on everyone’s mind I am sure.  On Thursday, February 14, 2013, Valentine’s Day will be officially here.  What will be on your agenda to do?  Many of us are considered single and don’t have that special someone to enjoy the day with, although some of us do.  So I have created a few out of the box suggestions for both worlds to enjoy on this loving day.

If you are someone who is short on cash, but would like to make the day unique, try a special edible gift for your friends and love ones to enjoy.  Although many of us crave this time of year were chocolate covered strawberries are in high demand, another alternative is chocolate pudding cupcakes with strawberries.  This is a creative way to get your chocolate fix and spread some cheer. Plus when you cut the cupcake in half, to share with that special someone, the strawberries look like tiny hearts.    Continue reading

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