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Sigel’s Addison Hosts Master Scotch Ambassador Simon Brooking For Tasting

laphroaigby Andrew Chalk

The tasting below comes Crave Recommended for one reason above all else: If you have an interest in scotch (or whisk(e)y generally) you have probably heard that the whiskies from Islay are very distinctive. They are often described as being smoky with notes of iodine, salt and peat. All of that is true and Sigel’s Wednesday tasting will be a master class in demonstrating it.

Laphroaig is one of the prime examples of the Islay scotch type, and the drink is being accompanied by an expert from the distillery who will be available to answer your questions.  Worth stopping by for.     Continue reading

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Martha Payne: School Food Critic

by Steven Doyle

An inspiring story comes from Lochgilphead, Scotland, home to 9-year old school cafeteria critic and international blogger, Martha Payne. Martha’s story is an inspiring one. She started writing her blog as an exercise and she enjoyed chatting about her lunches. But what happened in the short 6 weeks the blog, which is called NeverSeconds, is shocking.  
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