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Win a Keurig Kold Drinkmaker

keurigby Steven Doyle

Good Friday, people! We are giving away the new Keurig  Kold drink maker. This newly designed cold drink dispenser is unlike any on the market today, using a specially design pod that not only  adds syrup from dozens of varieties of soft drinks, but also the required carbonation.

If that sounds a bit like SodaStream, that’s because it is, although there are a few key differences. The most important of which, for those who’ve grown weary of carbon dioxide refills, is that Kold uses “Karbonator beads” embedded in its pods to generate CO2. That means no canisters, and no confusion over just how many bubbles to add. That also means the Kold should be equally adept at non-carbonated beverages, including teas, sports drinks, and flavored water; in addition to its partners, Keurig will be offering its own brands in those categories. Regardless of fizz, as you’d expect from the name, the drinks also come out, well, cold, thanks to what Keurig describes as an “aerospace-inspired thermal transfer system.”  Continue reading


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