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We Checked Out Pakpao’s Suki Sunday

DSC09803by Steven Doyle

After the radio show this past Sunday a few of us decided to check out the new ‘Suki Sunday’ at Pakpao. This is the Thai Sukiyaki that our co-host Chef Uno remembers as a child and was excited to sample the new offering. Uno made the comment that when she was very young her mother would make suki sauce and bottle it for sale to friends and neighbors. We were all excited to sample the cuisine and headed to the Design District.

We arrived shortly before 7pm and were told that the Suki Sunday was more of a brunch feature for the restaurant and cut off at 4pm, but after some puppy dog eye stares to the chef we were soon set up with our own Suki station. This was basically a double sided steaming pot, one side filled with water, the other with a rich broth to cook our meats and vegetables.   Continue reading

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“Suki Sundays” At Pakpao Starts This Weekend

pakpao3by Steven Doyle

Starting this Sunday, Sept. 8, and continuing every Sunday, Pakpao Thai will be offering a “Suki Sundays” menu. “Thai Suki” is a variant of hot pot, a communal meal where diners swirl raw meat, seafood, noodles, and vegetables via chopsticks in a pot of broth, cooking it to their desired temperature, and dipping their selections into a spicy “sukiyaki” sauce before eating. Once your selections have been eaten, leftover broth can be combined with rice or mung bean noodle, and the resulting soup is your finishing meal.    Continue reading


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