New: Katy Trail Ice House

by Steven Doyle

Katy Trail Ice House will open March 21st and will feature 50 beers on tap mostly domestics and highlighting more Texas craft beers than any establishment in Texas and from the same people that brought us the Barley House, Buddy Cramer and Joe Tillotson. Think Austin style beer garden and restaurant located in Uptown Dallas.

In addition to massive amounts of brews, they will also make a great burger and have picnic table outdoor seating ala Lee Harvey’s. They claim it will be a cross between Adair’s and Scholz’s.

You will soon have a better excuse to go for that afternoon jog.

Katy Trail Ice House
3127 Routh Street, Dallas


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3 responses to “New: Katy Trail Ice House

  1. slade

    sounds cool

  2. Douchefest

    Douche fest

  3. Douchefest

    Joe Tillotson is a homophobic ass. I’ve heard him lambast the gay population on numerous occasions. I wouldn’t go to any of his restaurants if you paid me.

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