Restaurante Luna’s Brookhollow Contest Winners

by Steven Doyle

photos by Robert Bostick

Last week we ran a contest to gain entry in the new Restaurante Luna’s Brookhollow that will open to the public this Friday. There will be several ‘friends and family’ lunches and dinners this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Last week we asked that the readers tell us about their first TexMex experience and the answers were fun.

The Luna’s promise something more than just TexMex fare, they are also offering MexMex that will bring some of the rich guisadas and other dishes that seem a bit difficult to find in Dallas.

Christy Baer discussed fresh tortillas and real house-made salsa that she and her family experienced at Don Felipe’s in Fort Worth on West Vickery as a child when first moving to North Texas.

Margie discussed her Pancho’s experience when her family moved to Dallas from North Carolina. Interesting enough the Luna family owned a restaurant called Pancho’s years ago that was not affiliated with the chain, and some of their fixtures are being used at the new restaurant.

Kat told us her family loved El Fenix and their beef enchiladas. And who doesn’t? If you grew up in Texas attending one of the ISD’s you probably had similar beef enchiladas as the Wednesday dish. This was back when the cafeteria ladies actually cooked, baking home-made yeast rolls each day.

Reader Justin just recently had his first Tex Mex experience at Desperado’s on Greenville and had us on the edge of our seats as he explained the anticipation of his first experience.

We were able to invite two couples to this event and the staff chose Margie and Justin, but I am also going to choose one more and give Kat a few seats as well. If the winners will email Crave I will give you the proper instructions on how to make the reservations that will be needed to for the dinners.

More contests coming!

Luna’s Restaurante Brookhollow
8424 Harry Hines Blvd


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  1. Kat

    Thank you! I super excited and look forward to reporting back my experience.

  2. Christy Baer

    Thanks a ton, look forward to it!

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