Meet the Ladies (and Gentlemen) of PETA

The lovely Alyssa from Austin wants your vote

by Steven Doyle

The People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA) are usually stirring the (veggie) pot in their own entertaining way, sometimes with horrific stories of corporations doing dispicable deeds, other times it might be more for entertainment value such as the call to switch to human breast milk Either way, it is usually a good idea to stay in touch with what the organization might be saying at any one moment.

In the PETA Action Center there are a few barbs taken at the obvious, campaigns that have been the life-force for the animal-loving organization. Namely baby seals and ethical handling of chickens. As a person who raised chickens in the past, I can personally appreciate the call to arms against anyone that abuses animals of any kind.  I am not a vegan but do not need to be for such an obvious cause, it simply makes sense to protect our animals as ethically as possible — and who doesn’t love the cute cuddliness of a baby seal. Well, cute at least.

Seriously, how could you injure this beautiful creature?

The big winner for story action today is the annual Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest that PETA is hosting. The contest continues until April 25 and by visiting the PETA web site you will be able to gawk at the many beauties next door (and a few that you hope live in another neighborhood). This is an equal opportunity contest for both men and women alike with the winners receiving an all expense paid vacation in Hawaii — presumably not to nosh on Spam with the rest of the native Hawaiians.

Vote for Kyle, we like his beard and hat

We like some of the past contestants, including the 2006 winner from Toronto named Stephanie who was quoted as “disliking men who fish”. I thought that was all they did in Canada, eh?

Visit the PETA site to cast your vote and also sign up for your free vegetarian starter kit.

photos courtesy of PETA

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  1. I am donating my trip to Hawaii to be raffled for a Honduran orphanage that has been in existence over 20 years.. No Hawaii trip for me but I hope I win so I can help the children 🙂

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