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Fried Food Glory at Texas State Fair

by Steven Doyle

Our time at the Texas State Fair has been filled with laughter, music, beer and food. Plenty of food as a matter of fact. How the State Fair became synonymous with all things on a stick and fried is stuff of legend, but the holy grail of all things fried is undoubtedly the corn dog.         Continue reading

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Mister Ed Says “Eat Me”

by Steven Doyle

Through out the world horses are a general source of meat. In Parma you may find pesto di cavallo, or a horse meat tartare, on the menu. In Austria you may find a type of bologna called Leberkäse, which sometimes can be made with horse, sold at hot dog stands. In China you may find a Donkey Burger on the menu, and in Japan it is common to see raw horse meat called basash which is thinly sliced and eaten raw.

In English speaking countries such as the United States, UK, Canada and Australia eating horse is taboo, but you just might start seeing Trigger or Mister Ed show up on your dinner table soon as it is now legal to slaughter horses for a source of food in the United States.  Continue reading


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New State Fair Vendors Due to Deadline Confusion

by Steven Doyle

There are a few changes with the food this year at the Texas State Fair. Sure you will find all the new fried foods and familiar faces and corn dogs, but a few tried and true food vendors were replaced this year for the odd reason that the deadlines were confusing leaving a few out of the game this year.

With that said, this left the door open for new vendors to take their places and we have the short list.     Continue reading


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Celebrate International Bacon Day in Dallas

by Steven Doyle

The Sunday before Labor Day is officially International Bacon Day. We all really get a kick out of these reasons to celebrate, no matter how coerced they may be, but bacon has every right to be a true holiday that should be replete with Hallmark loving, gift exchanges, party hats, the day off from work and much ballyhoo. All businesses should close with the exception of IHOP and Waffle House where bacon runs amok.

In honor of Bacon Day we bring you five bacony ideas that will help you celebrate the holiday with a crunch.   Continue reading


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A Fish and Two Goats, Or Why Strangeways is Aptly Named

by Steven Doyle

Last night I was out with a friend for dinner and we decided on Tei-Tei Robata Bar for a little relaxed sushi and sake action. Dinner was sparkling and we even happened to see former Tei-Tei owner and current Tei-An chef-owner Teiich sitting alone at the corner of the bar perusing the menu.

After a few rounds of sushi we thought to have a cocktail and happened into Strangeways, the new brew hall on Fitzhugh very near the new Herrera’s and Red Fork. The new bar is owned by Eric and Erica Sanchez and it is their foray into the hospitality business. The bar is festooned with interesting Mexican artifacts and loaded with plenty of  beers on tap and over 100 bottled. A great selection.    Continue reading


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The Ultimate Pop-Up Dinner Serving People

by Steven Doyle

We get our share of interesting mail at craveDFW but today a reader shared an website that we found irresistible. When the site popped up we were introduced to the world of cannibalism. You heard correctly, there are seemingly normal citizens of Los Angeles that are eating other seemingly normal citizens for the ultimate in Soylent Green.

Maneuvering through the website we found a few interesting points. Foremost on our minds was how do they procure their meat. The site explains that they acquire their cadavers through legal and discrete means saying “On the individual level, bodies are often bequeathed to us. For some, this is a way to supplement life insurance and offset funerary expenses,” leading us to believe this is not fresh meat, but rather corpses that they are able to harvest to meet their needs.   Continue reading


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