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Yes Virginia, There Really is a Pie Council

by Steven Doyle

While gathering facts for an upcoming pie essay we ran across something called the Pie Council. We wanted to find out who was behind such an organization, and it appears to be insane pie enthusiasts. What a wonderful career to have… pie enthusiast.

They seem to be backed by large corporations such as Crisco, the basis for any good pie in America today.   Continue reading


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Shark On A Plate

by Nicholas Bostick

In the wake of sharknados and this year’s controversial  shark week, It might be safe to say that summer 2013, was the summer we all stopped giving a shit about sharks. They’re big, they’re scary, they make perfect source material for ‘80’s type businessman analogies, we get it. It’s easy to feel insignificant after watching hours of T.V. gold like “Voodoo Sharks,” “Alien Sharks” or the ambiguously titled (and possible sequel to ‘The Great White Hope’?) “Great White Serial Killer.” Let us not forget brothers and sisters, we’re the tippy-top of the food chain.

So we’ll clean our mental palates with a look at a few local delicacies’, staring our forward minded fish friends. You’re gonna’ need a bigger plate.   Continue reading

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Best Places In DFW To Hide From The Sharknado!


by Nicholas Bostick

Not since the great flood of Noah’s day has nature expressed its wrath towards man with such poetic force as, Sharknado. We here in Dallas may think we’re safe, what with our lack of surf-able oceans and sun soaked beaches. Experts however, disagree.  Channel 8 meteorologist Pete Delkus tweeted his concern for our collective doom, and he’s on TV. Every. Day. Continue reading


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May The 4th Be With You: Where Would Your Favorite Star Wars Character Eat In Dallas?

by Steven Doyle

Happy May 4th. Celebrate the Star Wars themed day by eating where your favorite Star Wars character might. Where would you go? We have a list!   Continue reading


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Charles Manson the Musical: Mean

by Crave Staff

The Ochre House Theater  is pleased to announce the world premiere of Mean for the 2012 Season. Mean is a wicked musical about Charles Manson (Mitchell Parrack), Charles “Tex” Watson (Matthew Posey) and Squeaky Fromme (Anastasia Munoz) meeting for the first time.    Continue reading

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Crave Stuff To Enjoy While Reading Crave

by Steven Doyle

Pegasus News and FW Star Telegram food critic Teresa Gubbins sends us word that there is a new product we might want to investigate. She sent over a link to the Dallas Morning News where they actually reviewed a new breakfast cereal called Krave.

News writer Jeffrey Weiss didn’t care much for the new cereal being test marketed in North Texas, using words like ‘sawdust’ and ‘cold, fibrous mush’ to describe a bowl he prepared for himself. At one point he even threw out the most oft used culinary term ‘Yuck-o’, so we are thinking the near-namesake cold cereal is not going to be high on our shopping list for the craveDFW test kitchens.   Continue reading

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