Crave Weekly Wrap Up

Corned Beef at Red Dog Right

by Steven Doyle

Another busy week at Crave Headquarters as we buzzed through the city to find interesting new ways to amuse ourselves. We had the pleasure to meet many more Crave readers and decided that our audience is at least 20% more interesting and better looking than other blogs. Just saying.

This Sunday we start a new column by our visiting photographer and food writer Joy Jangles called Sunday Brunch.  Each week Joy will track down a different restaurant and wrestle a recipe out of them and show you step-by-step how to make their most famous brunch menu item. If you have a favorite give Jangle a jingle at

We caught up with John Tesar today and that was interesting as always. The kitchen genius has a lot slated for the coming week and we are super excited to try out The Commissary. Get a first peek Monday when Tesar opens his doors for a secret industry night and serves up some dogs and sliders along with nice wines and brews.

Our intrepid wine guru, David Donalson, made his way through a few cases of the juice this week while attending a few Cotes du Coeur functions for Crave. Dave also managed to visit another winery on the DFW wine trail, Times Ten Cellars in Dallas. We think he enjoyed the wine nearly as much as he did the roving pizza oven from Il Cane Rosso.

Chef Dean Fearing at Cotes du Coeur 2011

This week we had a visitor from India chime in on the finer points of his local cuisine and culture, teaching us the differences between the various regional foods from his home country. The little cultural experiment worked well and we will do more articles on Crave like this in the near future.

Bryan Coonrod paid a visit to the Bishop Arts outpost of the hill country BBQ Mecca, Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ. He was fairly impressed with most everything on the menu (and that boy likes to eat) except he may pass on the sausage next time. In a related story, we heard tales from the backdoor of Pecan Lodge  stating that they are working on a recipe for a new sausage addition to their menu. Looking forward to that.

We also visited Red Dog Right in Southlake earlier in the week and found everything the restaurant served, with few exceptions, very delicious and satisfying. We paid special attention to a hand squeezed grapefruit cocktail, the Salty Dog, especially satisfying. After reading our look at the restaurant they sent us a stack of $10 off coupons. If you would like for us to drop one in the mail for you we can.

Taco of the Week: Taqueria Paisano

There are so many new events and openings this coming week that we won’t be able to make them all with our simple staff size, but you can be assured we will try our best and report back here. We are especially excited about the Taste of NFL and the pig pickin’ at Rahr Brewery, both on Sunday. I think will a little imagination we can make both charity events.

Also, the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival continues through this weekend. You can be assured that there will be some great photos and reports from that event next week.

The Table at The Commissary

Please give us some feedback with suggestions and ideas, or if we are not focusing in on what you are needing in the Dallas and Fort Worth Food, Art and Music scene. This begs the weekly question:

What do you Crave?

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