Earth Day Rant

by Steven Doyle

As the Earth Day celebrations begin we are reminded that we are merely the lowly steward of the planet and it is our responsibility to care for her and all the occupants to commune in harmony. Sounds like I might have had too much granola this morning, but true none the less.

This past Wednesday we found ourselves on the Terrace Level of the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Dallas for the announcement of the new quarterly resident artist (full story later). As we milled about the Terrace that is host to the Fairmont’s beautiful pool, sipping delicious cocktails and speaking with the artist I was reminded that this is also chef Andre Natera’s playground.

Just off to the distance stood a greenhouse with budding vegetables that is surrounded with gardens that are actually larger than Michelle Obama’s at the White House. Here you will find fruits, vegetables and herbs that supply the hotel’s kitchen with a portion of their sustainable needs.

Also on the roof I finally uncovered the secret bee lair that is maintained by the Texas Honey Bee Guild who reminds us that the bees are our friends and busily bring us life. Recently the hotel installed a solar panel to power the fountains that supply fresh water to the bees.

I left the arts group for a few minutes to stare off into the flower gardens that were framed by skyscrapers and quickly thought that every hotel in Dallas should have such a small chunk of paradise.

The Mansion had such a garden created by Tom Spicer, but it was covered a few years back for reasons still unknown.

Another very green hotel in Dallas is the Hotel Palomar run by Kimpton who is extreme on social consciousness and considered one of the greenest hotels in the country. Their mission statement reads “To support a sustainable world, and reflect the values of our employees, guests, and investors, by using non-intrusive, high quality, eco-friendly products and services at all Kimpton hotels and restaurants.”

Community Garden by Robert Bostick

Aside from hotels, we can do our part by planting our own gardens or participate in the growing community garden movement and insisting on local produce where ever we may shop.

Enjoy the Earth Day festivities!


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2 responses to “Earth Day Rant

  1. Great post Steven. I also saw a lovely Tom SPicer herb garden out at Rough Creek Lodge. It’s great that hotels in Dallas are doing their part. My two ittybittyfoodies have their own vegie garden. I think it’s a great way for kids to learn and care for the environment and at the end of the harvest, they get to feast on the fruits of their labor so to speak. 😉 We’ve got tomatoes, beans, watermelons, herbs and eggplant right now!

    Now… our next step is serious business… composting… Wish us luck and Happy Earth Day! Really enjoying all the posts at Crave!

  2. Look forward to some lovely photos Miss Ittybitty

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