Kelly Hightower To Leave Nova

by Steven Doyle

photo by Robert Bostick

Little restaurant news to woo your weekend. Chef Kelly Hightower of Nova has been hired away by Dallas Restaurant Group as a corporate chef to run new concept “Wild Salsa” that will be located at the Merc. There are a total of five locations set for the Dallas Fort Worth area. Hightower begins in three weeks. 

In other news, chef Marc Cassel formerly of Park who most recently created the menu at The Office in Plano has been spotted with his name on the door in a building on Peavy near Good 2 Go Taco, so expect some news from this chef soon.

More details as they filter through.


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8 responses to “Kelly Hightower To Leave Nova

  1. slade

    i think i saw him at Bolsa last night having a cocktail at the bar.

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  3. Marc Cassel

    I did not create the menu at The Office, my name was used without my permission. I helped their chef with menu costing and menu verbiage. Thanks

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  5. ticktock

    Dallas Restaurant Group is going to open 5 Wild Salsa’s? Really? Someone should take a look at their record as restaurant operators.
    Opened Go Fish in Addison
    Lost Chef Chris
    Closed and moved Go Fish
    Open New Go Fish
    Opened Fish Express
    Lost Chef from Dallas Fish Market
    Closed 1 Fish Express with plans to reopen
    Opened Dallas Chop House
    Hired Chef John Tesar
    Lost Chef Kenny
    Closed Go Fish with plans to reopen
    Lost Chef Tiffany
    Lost Chef John
    Still haven’t opened the burger place or the taco joint
    Still haven’t done another Fish Express.
    Along the way they have screwed staff, suppliers and the media with their bull.
    Chef Kelly is the next one

  6. tammy

    At Ticktock—–

    WoW!! Someone is mad at DRG!!!!!!

  7. ticktock

    Mad? That’s all you got from that? Maybe one of these top notch food writers should do an indepth story on DRG is what I was saying. Instead of just rehashing the premanufatured rubish that DRG releases as fact and see what is really going on. They seem to think that what ever perception they create will smooth over the current and constant problems they themseves create. Call any supplier in town and see who WILL do business with them, interview top chefs in and around Dallas see who WILL work with them. Do you homework then write a story………..just the rambling thoughts of a rambling man.

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