What’s your Favorite DFW Restaurant? Contest!

Not my favorite

by Steven Doyle

We are often asked what our favorite restaurants are in Dallas. This is certainly one of the more difficult questions to ask someone that writes about the subject daily. Everyone has their favorites for various reasons, and I do have mine. Perhaps each of the writers at Crave should make a short list one day soon.

We certainly would like to hear your top five.

This week I was a bit under the weather with allergies and even lost my ability to chortle. I managed to order a few dishes in the past few days despite my lack of speech. Mainly by pointing and grunting.

Look what I managed to conjure up with my patented point and grunt yesterday: 


This is of course the very healing matzo ball soup at Deli News that was followed by the best pastrami on rye in North Texas. It may not have healed me, but my belly sure felt better.  Staff writer David Donalson was in New york City all week and had the Katz’s Deli version of this meal, so we will get the good sommelier to write about that experience next week.

Give us your top five restaurant list and we will toss your name in a hat to win a glorious prize next week, along with a coveted seat on the BBQ Tour that is coming up very soon.


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31 responses to “What’s your Favorite DFW Restaurant? Contest!

  1. Kat

    I’ll never understand why this is such a difficult decision, perhaps it is the array of diversity and numbers offered in out restaurant arena in Dallas. For me personally, not subject of cuisine, price, location etc. is the following:
    – parigi
    – oishii
    – hibiscus
    – pappas steak house
    – the Grape

    Singed…winning entry.

  2. sroinuj

    1st & 10
    Tei An

  3. Rob

    Rex’s Seafood Market
    Maple and Motor Burgers and Beer
    The Mercury

  4. All out current favorite is Lucia,
    Bijoux for upscale dining,
    Yutaka for sushi,
    Smoke for brunch,
    and my guilty pleasure is The Angry Dog

  5. unclekrud

    Cafe San Miguel
    Lockhart Smokehouse
    Cane Rosso
    Angry Dog

  6. Nick

    Tei An
    Pappas Bros
    Charlie Palmer

  7. SquidMonkey

    Charlie Palmer
    Cane Rosso
    Maple and Motor
    Rusty Taco
    Green Papaya

  8. SquidMonkey

    …and Pecan Lodge Catering!

  9. Charlie Palmer at the Joule
    Cindy’s Deli
    Peggy Sue’s BBQ
    Nate’s Seafood (Addison)
    Mexico Lindo

  10. Adam S.

    Yutaka Sushi Bistro
    Maple and Motor
    The Libertine

  11. Kiki

    Restaurant Ava
    Urbano Cafe
    Charlie Palmer

  12. Hailey Cook

    Restaurant AVA
    Sushi Sake
    Pizza Villa
    Cafe Toulouse
    Tillmans Roadhouse


  13. M2

    I can’t believe someone just put Rusty Taco on here……

    – Parigi
    – Zen Sushi
    – Nana Grill
    – The Grape
    – Big/Aw Shucks (They’ve always had a special place in my heart)

    As for Rusty Taco…….Here is a list of places that are by FAR better if you’re craving taco’s
    – Taco Joint
    – Good 2 Go Taco
    – Fuel City Tacos
    – Taco y Mas
    – the list continues, but I will get off my high horse and calm down. Happy eating.

  14. Charlotte

    -Mi Cocina
    -Good 2 Go Taco

  15. – Parigi
    – Nana
    – Tei An
    – Salum
    – Lucia

    in no particular order

  16. robert & mark

    parigi, period.

  17. Suzy Graham

    Parigi of course. The one and only.

  18. Restaurant Ava
    Sushi Sake
    Green Room
    The Old Warsaw
    Toulouse Cafe and Bar
    Kuby’s Sausage House

  19. Restaurant Ava (Upscale Cuisine in a Casual Atmosphere with reasonal Prices! Downtown Rockwall)
    Kyoto’s Japanese Steakhouse (Great Sushi! Rockwall & Rowlett)
    Luna DeNoche (Mexican Anyone? $4 Margaritas! Rockwall)
    Nona’s Cafe (Best cofee & breakfast in town! Rockwall)

  20. TLS

    The Mercury
    Marquee Grill

  21. Great idea…I’m going to get out my trusty notepad and put many of these on my to do list. Here are my favorites:

    Kuby’s (for Reubens and for buying steaks and sausage)
    (also loving the brisket at Smoke, and a steak at Perry’s now and again)

  22. Trish


  23. This is great! We will draw names Monday.

  24. Erin

    Campisi’s Egyptian Lounge : )

  25. Juli

    My favorites are:
    Royal Thai
    Pappas Brothers
    Lockhart’s Smokehouse
    Cafe Izmir

  26. Juli

    My favorites are:
    Royal Thai
    Pappas Brothers Steakhouse
    Cafe Izmir
    Lockhart Smokehouse

  27. Mary

    III Forks
    The Porch

  28. Nonna
    Tei An

  29. Nonna
    Tei An
    Urbano Cafe

    Ugh. That was hard.

  30. I just sent the winner of the contest, Charlotte, a $50 code for Artizone the online shopping mecca for all things local and artisan. She was chosen randomly from the many slips of paper in my Rangers ball cap. She also has the first 2 seats on the upcoming BBQ tour which we announce later this week. Congrats and it looks like everyone loves themselves some Parigi. It is hard to make lists, but happy you all did.

    Look for another contest this week.

  31. I still haven’t even been to Parigi!! What’s wrong with me?!

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