Sunday Brunch With Horne and Dekker

by Joy Jangles

The good people at Horne and Dekker are all about having fun while making great taste food.  “It’s the culmination of a laid back personality, love of food and vast experience that blossomed into this restaurant concept.”


Today executive Chef Corey Smith is joining us today to share his Strawberry Brioche French Toast with Vanilla Bean Mascarpone drizzled with a warm Vermont maple syrup.  Yes it’s as magical as it sounds and would be absolutely perfect for Brunch on any lazy weekend morning.  Chef Smith’s French Toast is like opening up the best Christmas present on Christmas morning.  He takes a brioche loaf and soaks it in milk and spices, fries it and stuffs it full with a creamy vanilla bean mascarpone.  It’s the perfect little “package” to tear into, melting into the wonderful glory of crispy brioche pieces swimming in sweet Vermont syrup and generously covered with fresh strawberries.


Born and raised in New Orleans, Chef Smith discovered his love for cooking through his family.  Food was always the focal point of family gatherings, which greatly developed his passion for food and cooking. 


Upon meeting Chef Smith I felt right at home.  With his infectious laugh and warm personality, he exudes his love into all of his menu items — the most important ingredient when it comes to comfort food. 


When asked what he strives to bring to his diners, Smith explains “ It’s all about simple and bold flavors with a gourmet twist.  We work with local farms and dairy to provide the best to our customers.”


Chef Smith runs a successful kitchen and Horne and Dekker through his humble and respectful attitude “ Our motto in the kitchen is check your Ego at the door.” Every day he learns something new, whether good or bad, he loves and respects and appreciates every member of his crew.


Visit Chef Smith and Horne and Dekker today and experience comfort food that will leave your soul singing.

2323 North Henderson Avenue
Dallas, TX (214) 821-9333


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3 responses to “Sunday Brunch With Horne and Dekker

  1. Carlyn Smith

    Chef Corey Smith, that’s my son!!! I am extremely proud of him. I always knew he would be successful. Bigger and better things are yet to come. Cooking and love is in his soul. God bless son. Love ya, Mama.

  2. Joy

    Mrs.Smith I can see why you are so proud of him!! I absolutely loved his food at Horne and Dekker — my husband and I were blown away 🙂 It’s hard to find chefs who cook with such soul, it was such a pleasure being able to experience Chef Smith’s awesome food.

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