The Vegan Girl Checks Out The Commissary

by Melissa Brenner

What’s a vegan foodie to do in Dallas? Explore and enjoy! Despite Big D being a carnivore carnival, there are amazing options for those of us food lovers who opt for a plant based diet. The chefs at all of the hot spots in town have been amazing, accommodating, and enthusiastic about offering off menu items or adding permanent options to the menu. I’ve been shocked at how many of my veggie friends aren’t aware of the secret vegan menus or the places that are all too happy to whip up some special culinary delight. Since I’m the vegan girl that’s not afraid to ask, I’ve collected a list of dining spots in town that have mind blowing food available and now I’m going to share it with all of you! Stay tuned for updates on the best vegan places you never knew about! 

Ever since having the fennel hearts and shaved artichoke salad at The Commissary, I can’t stop talking or thinking about how mind blowing it was. Simply veganized by excluding the Reggiano cheese, it is easily my favorite salad in town. I have never before in my life savored a salad (salads are usually the boring stand by restaurants offer grazers), but this one definitely deserves to be mulled over the taste buds and brain. The Estrella (yay for vegan beers) aligned perfectly with the balanced flavors and perfect texture of the fennel and artichoke tossed in a gorgeous lemon and olive oil blend.  

Sip on the House Berry Sangria in between bites. Besides being delicious it will help to stop you from inhaling the sorbet too quickly.  

Ok, John totally blew me away with the salad, but can the main course measure up? My option: black bean burger. We have all had our fair share of veggie and black bean burgers and not many of them are worth mentioning (or eating), but you haven’t lived until you’ve had the awe inspiring version at The Commissary. John Tesar has created a startling surprise of black bean, fire roasted peppers, cilantro, cumin and roasted garlic. Obviously fresh (not frozen) and without the traditional fillers, you are able to experience the culmination of flavor and the “juicy” quality that one looks for in a burger. Order it super model style (no bun or tortilla) and sans sour cream to make it completely vegan. It was so beautiful that the woman at the table next to me ordered it as well (I’m sure the ecstatic look on my face helped her decision). Pare it with one of the incredible Spanish wine selections currently available (I chose a lovely Garnacha) to complete the experience.

After all of that, just when you think you’re done, the dessert question comes. Usually there isn’t one single thing on the dessert menu that we can enjoy. That’s not the case at The Commissary.  The heavenly combination of chocolate sorbet and strawberries is not to be missed. It’s not on the menu, but the sorbet is always available and the fruit is seasonal. It was so astonishing that I had to share a bite with my adorable (and meat eating) waiter. I suggest you bring a friend, because such delights should not be kept a secret, but order two because you will want to eat every bit of it yourself. Sip on the House Berry Sangria in between bites. Besides being delicious it will help to stop you from inhaling the sorbet too quickly.  

Melissa Brenner has a fun and vibrant personality and also happens to be vegan. She loves food, really good wine and has agreed to point out all the hidden finds she has discovered on her vegan travels through out Dallas and Fort Worth. 


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11 responses to “The Vegan Girl Checks Out The Commissary

  1. Sharon

    I’ll have to go check it out! That’s impressive that they will work with you to “veganize” your meal!

    • Melissa Brenner

      You’re more likely to get specialized vegan fare at a top restaurant. These are well trained and creative chefs that love to show off their skills. It never hurts to ask what they can do for you and they normally enjoy the challenge.

  2. What started the idea of this new feature was the fact that Ms. Brenner knows many places that have off menu or secret menu for vegans. So we will see more than Kalachandji’s and Spiral Diner. Both are amazing but obvious to the average vegan. Thank you, Vegan Girl!

  3. Hello Vegan Girl!

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    Please feel free to call me to schedule your appointment at 682-553-2597.

    Monica Atterberry

  4. Ingrid

    I was in Dallas for a business trip and tried The Commissary yesterday based on this review. Melissa was spot on . Great salad, AMAZING black bean burger, fantastic beer selection, casual hip atmosphere and friendly wait staff. I highly recommend The Commissary!

    • Melissa Brenner

      Yay, Ingrid. So glad you made it by The Commissary and enjoyed the meal. We hope you’ll be back in Dallas and get to enjoy all of the great, healthy, and vegan (even if you’re not) options.

  5. This is awesome!
    I am new to the Dallas area and am a longtime vegan. Thanks so much for helping make it easier to find great cruelty-free food here, and for getting the word out about restaurants that are vegan-friendly. Each vegan meal we eat is a step towards a healthier, more sustainable, and more compassionate future. And it’s great business for restaurants to offer vegan options, as it opens them up to an entirely new clientele and helps them overcome the “vegan veto factor.” Looking forward to checking back here to see future articles and check out veg-friendly restaurants!

    • Melissa Brenner

      Hey Nora,
      Not being a Dallas native, it can be pretty intimidating to eat out on the town. We want to be out and about, too. Not all of our friends are vegan, and we want options at the places they like to eat, too. I’m happy to share my favorite finds in Dallas…..and I promise to venture over to Ft. Worth, too.

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  7. sc

    so, basically, you had black beans

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