RedFork To Open In Two Weeks

By Steven Doyle

There has been a bit of concern with the eager public waiting out the opening of Jeff Harris’ new restaurant and pub, RedFork. Having witnessed more than my fair share of restaurant openings I realize that delays are a built-in factor hinged on more than a plethora of distractions, least being equipment, proper permits and inspections, weather and cash flow.

In speaking with chef Jeff Harris, who cut his chops (literally) at Craft for seven years under the guidance of Tom Colicchio, I learned that equipment and permits are the only reasons for these delays.

Considered one of the favorite chefs among other chefs in Dallas, Harris used this time to craft a menu that was suitable towards his talents and complements his foray into restaurant ownership. 

“We plan to open with a good menu that people will enjoy. We want this to be fun and  have quality products, some great cheeses from local farmers like Caprino Royale, and we will be making our own charcuterie,” said the chef in an interview Tuesday afternoon.

He also mentioned oysters (ever had them at Craft?), a hangar steak, and other menu items not normally associated with a pub.

As we chatted away I asked about the Fitzhugh area he chose to open RedFork.

“I live really close by and this is a strong neighborhood that is growing. Herrera’s is about to open and there are other good  businesses near us,” said Harris.

A quick drive-by later to Herrera’s, which is a few hundred feet away on the same side of Fitzhugh, and we quickly learned that they will be open on June 13th about the same time Harris plans to open.

How would parking compare to that of Henderson which seems over burdened with traffic?

“We will have valet parking, but there is ample space and people will have access to park on the street if they wish,” Harris smiled.

Harris has used the time to craft a menu that was suitable towards his talents and complements his foray into restaurant ownership

The new restaurant will feature a wood burning oven and stay open serving food until 2am, making this a popular option for people in the restaurant industry looking for more than simple bar fare late at night. The entire restaurant will be easy on the wallet, with the menu held back to less than $20. It will be a place to go and hang out and relax with out all the distractions plagued by nearby streets.

From left: Eddy Metten, Matt Balke and Jeff Harris

Harris will not be alone, he is joined by Matt Balke, executive sous chef formerly of York Street who attended the CIA Hyde Park as well as Eddy Metten who will be RedFork’s general manager and has vast experience of 25 years.

The threesome were busily working along side the contractors to meet their own deadline. It is interesting watching chefs assemble furniture, but I couldn’t help but think back to the Harris’ charcuterie at Craft.

2537 N. Fitzhugh Avenue


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  1. Looking forward to this one! You know I’m always available to help preview the menu if there’s a Friends and Family night!

  2. slade

    cant wait…wonder what i saw in the street this morning…it was margie’s shame…LOL

  3. Bill

    Hope you keep us updated.

  4. Brandon Smoot

    Title should be: “Red Fork About To Become Favorite Hang In Two Weeks”

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