In-N-Out Three Weeks Later

photo by Marcel Cairo

It has been a solid three weeks and the madness will not stop. There are still reports of police barricading the streets and hour long lines at peak times. Have you had your first In N Out? Was it worth the trouble?


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4 responses to “In-N-Out Three Weeks Later

  1. Nylund

    I’m a native Californian, so it was “worth it” for that reminder of home. I wouldn’t put up with lines like that on a regular basis though. The absurd part is (at least at the Allen location) people are spending over 1 hour in the drive-thru when if you park and wait in line on foot, it’ll take 15-20 minutes. Are people that lazy that they’d really prefer to just burn gas and sit in a car for an hour rather than stand up for a few minutes?

  2. TLS

    On Day 6 I got into a longish drive-thru line expecting to wait an hour (with my car off since they technically weren’t open yet). Although they said they opened at 10:30 they were open early and so I was “in-n-out” in 25 minutes. Place: Frisco Time: 10 a.m.

    Worth it? Yes, for the time and $$. But an hour or more? No.

  3. Spencer

    I have been to the Frisco location 3 times. The answer to your question is a resounding YES! The lines aren’t actually as long as they seem. Our last time there was Friday night and we got in the drive thru lane and were done in about 25 minutes. Not to bad – I’ve waited longer at Five Guys for my burger. The lines are long but these people are professionals. You can tell they’ve handled a lot of crazy openings like these before. The line moves quickly and efficiently.

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