Win A Swag Bag From Shinsei’s 5th Anniversary

Elvis by Robert Bostick

by Crave Staff

We scored a nice swag bag from Shinsei’s 5th anniversary party last weekend and want to pass it on to one of you.  Put your name in the hat for the drawing.  If you say something clever you might get two entries into the magic hat.

The bag includes 5 of Tracy Rathbun and Lynae Fearing’s favorite things ala Oprah. No cars or boats (we kept those), but some nice things none the less.

Good luck!


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24 responses to “Win A Swag Bag From Shinsei’s 5th Anniversary

  1. Carolyn Worth

    Pick me! Plus I just want to meet Steven

  2. This is Mark Levine, and I’d love to win a bag of Swag! Truth be told, Shinsei is right in our neighborhood, and I have absolutely no excuse for not dining there! The inspiration of CraveDFW will no doubt finally propel me in! Thanks, Crave!

  3. Nick

    Gimme! Awesome restaurant = awesome gift bag? I think so.

  4. Dallas Neeley

    Dallas here, nothing clever to say. I would love the bag full o goodies,though

  5. We actually have two, so several of you will win. I can say it contains tequila and other fun stuff. For the first winner I will also toss in swag from craft Dallas that I will be writing up probably for tomorrows crave. Lets end the contest at midnight tonight. I will draw in the morning amnd arrange for the ‘things’ to be delivered. Check back here for the winners names.

    Use your correct email when you load the comment so I may contact you.

    See you at the Rangers tonight! – Steven

  6. Kat

    Love Shinsei, Love Fearing and Rathbun, Love Crave, and LOVE a great SWAG!

  7. Carla Gourley

    I love SWAG! And I love people’s favorite things! I am looking forward to going to DUO: All Things Culinary in July and then we are having dinner at Shinsei for our Monthly Dinner Club! Pick me! Pick me!

  8. I would love to win a swag bag because I love Shinsei, Crave and all else to do with food!

  9. I am CRAVEing that bag!

  10. I adore Shinsei and would have loved the opportunity to attend the 5th anniversary but alas – I just graduated from law school and am studying for the bar exam- any goodies would definitely spice up my hum drum life as it currently stands… especially tequila. So please please pick me!

  11. Liz

    I am facing a long summer of kids out of school and need the swag for my swagger wagon. If Mom is happy, everybody is happy!

    (I also offer bribes: If I win, I’ll give you my fudgesicle recipe. The adult version is a roaring success.)

  12. Michelle Mason

    Do we get to meet Steven as part of the prize? If so I am in, never been to Shinsei. Heard it wasgood.

  13. Monica

    Top 3 reasons I should win the swag…
    1) I firmly believe that my winning the SWAG will help bring home a MAVS WIN on Thursday night. (Whether or not you are gracing Common Table…)
    2) I think Tracy and Lynae are awesome and think that having some of their favorite things will rub some of their super-businesswomen powers off on me.
    3) I read your write up on Craft and am already planning my lunchtime outing there, so the additional Craft goodies will get me ready…

  14. slade

    Shannon, I CRAVEDfw it more than you – because this bag is the SHINZNIT from Shinsei!!!!

  15. Oh Slade. I know you’d share 😉

  16. DaveDonalson

    If tequila is involved, can crave writers get involved in the gift bag giveaway 😉

  17. Jennifer

    One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…..Floor!

  18. Chris

    If you pick me I promise to toast Crave with every shot of tequila.
    Here is to Crave,
    I like the tequila they gave,
    after I drink it all
    to the floor I will fall.

  19. I want in! I have been a loyal follower for quite some time, gimme!!!!!!!!!

  20. rob

    pick me pick me

  21. The winners are Monica and Blake. Monica was first so she gets the craft Dallas box too. We will be sure to save all the future swag for everyone in the future. Winners will be notified by the email they used when making the comments so that we can arrange getting the prize to you.

    We are thinking about doing an occasional ‘lunch with a chef’ contest and also inviting a reader to join us on press functions (when allowed). Stay tuned!

  22. How fun Steven!!! ; )

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