Contest! Win Swag From Taste of the Nation

Chef Kevin & Jody Garvin

by Crave Staff

Craving a little contest? As we reported yesterday, some of the craveDFW staff were in attendance at the 2011 Taste of the Nation. It was a beautiful experience and we sincerely thank Stephan Pyles and his staff along with some of our cities top chefs for the great production. 

As part of the event we were given a lovely swag bag from Neiman Marcus that contains just a few items, but they are very special and we wish to share these with you. One of the contents is a beautiful cookbook by Neiman’s very own corporate chef Kevin Garvin. You may remember Garvin  from our Porsche excursion a few months back during Côtes du Coeur.

To win this bag just put your pitch in the comments section.  Bonus points for the more entertaining messages, but we will toss all the names into our magic hat for a drawing tomorrow afternoon and deliver the prize to your home or office this week.

More contests coming, including Lunch With A Chef.

AND THE WINNER IS: Audra!  Thank you all for playing.  Check out another contest we are running to win tickets to the White Rock Lake Celebration and a set of tickets to the chefs dinner the same day.  Please put your pitch in to win that one, tickets will be mailed out Friday to the winner. 



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14 responses to “Contest! Win Swag From Taste of the Nation

  1. Audra

    I believe to be the BIGGEST FOODIE in Dallas, TX and am constantly trying to keep up with all the new restaurants and food blogs that I can find related to the amazing Chefs and restaurants in the DFW area. 🙂 Cravedfw definitely keeps me in the loop with the best new eateries in the city, and I am happy to say, you have helped me discover some awesome places that I plan on staying very loyal to. 🙂 Thank you and please keep the posts coming! 😉

  2. Leaving a comment for the contest! Thanks for all of the information on your blog.

  3. Marge

    Feed me fresh food!

  4. Rob

    Swag is good!

  5. I need a cookbook!

  6. Sean

    I’m starvin’ to cook like Garvin!

  7. Michelle Mason

    Pick me!

  8. Teresa Palmer

    I would love to win a new cook book. Add me to the contest.

  9. Tony Armstrong

    Pick me, my wife wants the book and I want whatever else is in the bag.

  10. unclekrud

    I vent to Prague. Isn’t that vierd? Yesh!

  11. Dallas Neeley

    Since I don’t have a Garmin GPS, I would love to have a Garvin!

  12. Carla Gourley

    I want to win! I want to win! I want to win!

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