Harp On At Kessler

by Crave Staff

West Texas is best known for oil and cowboys, not harps. Imagine if West Texas was like 12th Century England, where a minstrel would travel the countryside playing the harp for local kings. Well, in the most unlikely places in the world; Odessa, Texas, the story of the harp continues with some of the best up and coming harpist or “minstrelsʼ around. The Odessa High School Harp Ensemble is one of the biggest public school harp programs in the nation.   Two ensembles of eight different harpists will be bringing their respective talents to X+/North Oak Cliff on June 23. They will interpret a wide range of various musical arrangements featuring everything from Beethovenʼs “Moonlight Sonata” to Radioheadʼs “Creep”. Ricardo Rasura; formerly of Dallas rock orchestra The Polyphonic Spree, will conduct the two ensembles. Through music, these students will continue the story of the harp.Classically-trained pianist and singer-songwriter Kristin Center opens up the show at 8 pm. This promises to be a wonderful evening of absolutely beautiful music. Tickets available via www.Prekindle.com/Kessler

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