Burlesque: Elisa – The Ruby

by Stealing Kitty

Baby, you’re a firecracker! Elisa has been dancing since she was 2 and this is evident in her live performance. This lady runs burlesque in her part of the world and does a fabulous job. She is the founder and executive producer of Dallas Burlesque Festival and The Ruby Revue.

I was lucky enough to attend The Ruby Revue show at House of Blues recently. The show was fantastic show from start to finish. I fell in love just a little with at least three of the performers, Elisa being one of them. She comes on stage with a sexy saunter and then blasts you with her energetic dance moves. The one that got me, she turns and shimmies her ass; best ass in burlesque, hands down. 

At the show, I was surprised to see so many ladies taken there by their dates. As the MC stated that night, “Gentlemen, take note, ladies love to look at ladies”. Who knew? If you are looking to impress your lady with a great night on the town, I would recommend checking out the Ruby Revue’s next show, July 15th at House of Blues. You will not be sorry. You can go early and have dinner and the show can be your desert and nightcap in one.

Elisa isn’t just a force to be reckoned with on stage, she has created a burlesque empire with the addition of her dance studio, The Ruby Room Studio. It is located in Exposition Park and is the city’s premiere alternative dance studio. In talking with Elisa, she noted two classes to take if you want to get in tip top shape, Cardio Dance with Elisa on Tuesday and Bumps n’ Grinds with Ginger Valentine on Wednesday. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like working out; however, I think I may take it up under the strict instruction of Ginger and Elisa. Oh, getting in shape never looked so good to me.

As Elisa flashes you that million dollar smile on stage, you realize, she is a firecracker. I will be keeping a close eye on her, because this lady is making an impact here in Dallas and beyond. See you soon at the next class at Ruby Room.

All photos by Mark Kaplan.

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