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Fractal Logic Mural Show and Forces of Nature

by StealingKitty  photos by Robert Bostick

I had the pleasure of attending Kettle Art, ‘Forces of Nature’, opening one hot Thursday night. The exhibition features works from 6 women artists and their interpretation on the theme. What happens after the fire, the sensual cacti, and the joyful celebration of life caught my attention and brought me in for a closer look at this exhibition.

Julia Schloss has been reclaiming and re-imagining found articles since she was a child. This passion continues with her work of reclaiming artifacts found from a burned house in her neighborhood. She took me through her series. The beginning of this story starts with everything burned to a crisp but a couple of photos from a life once shared in a house on a street; the background, burned wallpaper from the ashes. It was heartbreaking.  Continue reading


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Burlesque: Elisa – The Ruby

by Stealing Kitty

Baby, you’re a firecracker! Elisa has been dancing since she was 2 and this is evident in her live performance. This lady runs burlesque in her part of the world and does a fabulous job. She is the founder and executive producer of Dallas Burlesque Festival and The Ruby Revue.

I was lucky enough to attend The Ruby Revue show at House of Blues recently. The show was fantastic show from start to finish. I fell in love just a little with at least three of the performers, Elisa being one of them. She comes on stage with a sexy saunter and then blasts you with her energetic dance moves. The one that got me, she turns and shimmies her ass; best ass in burlesque, hands down.  Continue reading

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Top Hat and Tails Benefit This Weekend

by StealingKitty    

photos by Bob Manzano

The first time I saw Tara Harper, I thought she was a super model hired for Joey Seeman’s Rock n’ Roll art show. I had no idea she was there to represent her animal rescue charity, Paws in the City. Harper, co-founder of Paws in the City, began her passion for rescuing animals at the age of 3. This passion has helped grow one of the largest animal rescue charities in North Texas. Harper is not only one of the most beautiful woman I have seen in person, she is strong, intelligent, and has an incredible passion and drive for animals.  Continue reading

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Craving Crave: Hot Burlesque Action

By StealingKitty    photos by Mark Kaplan

Hot burlesque at a lesbian bar? Why haven’t they thought of this sooner? Friday night I checked out Sexy-Mic Comedy & Burlesque to see Courtney Crave in action. Her smokin’ hot number to Def Leopard’s, ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’, had the women up on their feet begging for more. It mixed good old fashioned stripper sensibility with bombshell burlesque attraction. So hot sticky sweet.  Continue reading

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Play Dead – Puts the Sexy in Zombie

by StealingKittyThe interesting group outside of Bows and Arrows caught this girl’s attention last Saturday Night. William Binnie and Tammy Coleman’s show  “Play Dead”  was opening,  featuring 23 Artists on Death and Dying. Can you say sexy zombie meets Joey Seeman’s canvas?

The piece that stood out was a large painted piece featuring a sexy bikini clad zombie on wood using acrylic  paint. The background is red, with  stenciled images, featuring roses and other flowers. The sexy lady is painted blue with a darker blue stencil on her body. All the sexy details of this piece continued to thrill and excite you as you stood captivated by the spell this sexy lady was placing you under.  Continue reading


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