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Craving Burlesque At Empire Rock Bar

by Danielle Leahy

One of Dallas’ newest downtown late night spots the Empire Rock Bar ,and the Broads and Panties Burlesque Troupe have teamed together to bring some of the most modern burlesque world’s best performers in this weekend’s Saints and Sinners Burlesque show. For those unacquainted with the modern Burlesque movement, expect acts more along the lines of classic vaudeville and Las Vegas revues that anything remotely close to modern day pole dancing.

This weekend’s entertainer’s include the national touring duet the Vagabandits in their first ever Dallas stop. The Vagabandits are 2 person performance team consisting of Gogo McGregor, ranked one of the top 50 burlesque performers in the world, and her musical and comedy partner Dr. Sick. Their act incorporates everything from sexy sideshow stunts, dirty comedy, live music, classic burlesque routines, and even very bad juggling (Dr. Sick being awarded the Worst Juggler Award of 2008).            Continue reading

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Holiday Burlesque Tonight at Trees

by Courtney Crush

The holidays have long been cursed with the drudge of traditions that don’t always escalate the spirits. Let’s face it. “The Nutcracker” is several hours of yawn with an intermission fit for coffee zapped with a double shot in hopes of not interrupting the second act with snores from the mezzanine. A second act? It’s not over yet? Blech! That isn’t to say that occasionally a tear of nostalgia doesn’t spring to the mind’s eye every now and then.

Ballet is an exceptional art form of beauty and poise. Nonetheless, by the caffeine infused second act, my eyes have fuzzed over and I’m recreating the storyline with more drama and less clothes. A sprinkle of sugar and spice goes a long way to kindle enthusiasm. What if “The Nutcracker” was performed in the tradition of burlesque? Now that’s a show I could stay awake for.  Continue reading

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Tales of the Cocktail: Gettin’ Tipsy with It

by Steven Lindsey   photos by Rod Orta

Friday was the first day our team of professional drinkers hit the wall. As in stumbled into it walking down the hall from one of the many tasting rooms. With literally hundreds of cocktails to try, even a sip or two of each is enough to view the world at a consistent 45-degree angle.  Nothing a short nap and a long visit to one of the many Hydration Stations won’t fix. Following are some pics from the last couple of days of Tales. And we’ve heard, they save the best for last. Cheers!

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Burlesque: Elisa – The Ruby

by Stealing Kitty

Baby, you’re a firecracker! Elisa has been dancing since she was 2 and this is evident in her live performance. This lady runs burlesque in her part of the world and does a fabulous job. She is the founder and executive producer of Dallas Burlesque Festival and The Ruby Revue.

I was lucky enough to attend The Ruby Revue show at House of Blues recently. The show was fantastic show from start to finish. I fell in love just a little with at least three of the performers, Elisa being one of them. She comes on stage with a sexy saunter and then blasts you with her energetic dance moves. The one that got me, she turns and shimmies her ass; best ass in burlesque, hands down.  Continue reading

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Craving Crave: Hot Burlesque Action

By StealingKitty    photos by Mark Kaplan

Hot burlesque at a lesbian bar? Why haven’t they thought of this sooner? Friday night I checked out Sexy-Mic Comedy & Burlesque to see Courtney Crave in action. Her smokin’ hot number to Def Leopard’s, ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’, had the women up on their feet begging for more. It mixed good old fashioned stripper sensibility with bombshell burlesque attraction. So hot sticky sweet.  Continue reading

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