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2723 McKinney Today

by Steven Doyle

More information on the new entry into the cocktail world in Uptown. The co-owner and Dallas operator of Tate’s, David Ferre, touched base with me and offered more details on this interesting new concept that will soon begin construction at 2723 McKinney Avenue in Uptown, a nearly 2,000 square foot space that was formerly Uptown Mood Spa.

Staying true to the original Tate’s Craft Cocktails, the Dallas version will be customized to suit local taste and culture. The cocktail menu used in Winston-Salem will be adjusted and take advantage of tequilas, as well as change up names of the current cocktails.

The food will not be prepared in-house, but instead the lounge will use an off-site caterer similar to the concept in North Carolina where the wife and founder of Tate’s operate a catering business that handles all the dining needs. A local caterer has not been selected as of today, but Ferre said he is in talks with a few at this time. 

Ferre also mentiond there would be about a half dozen beer slections on tao and numerous craft beers by the bottle.

Ferre explained that his background has been high tech and in more recent years investments and real estate development. These skills were of interest to Tate when they met and discussed the Dallas operations. Ferre will act as general contractor for the lounge.

“We want this to be a place that women will want to come to regularly. We will not have televisions, this will not be a sports bar. Instead it will be more for gathering to meet people and have interesting cocktails. Think of this as a place Carrie Bradshaw [lead character from Sex In The City] might want to hang out with her friends. Hopefully the men will follow,” suggested Ferre.

We like Tate’s already. Plans for the new business have been pushed back a bit, so start looking for an opening around November just in time for some holiday fun.


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6 responses to “More on Tate’s Craft Cocktails

  1. Nick

    “Think of this as a place Carrie Bradshaw [lead character from Sex In The City] might want to hang out with her friends.”

    …. ugh…..

  2. yeah, i was with them until the sex and the city reference. gee, where else in dallas can i find drunk cougs? i was hoping for a nice cocktail place to get away from that crowd!

    still looking forward to checking it out regardless.

  3. To be honest, it sounds like it will be a cool place. Not cougar territory. I think it was his best way of saying “not a douchebag hangout”. That is what Katy Trail is for.

  4. Nick

    I dunno… it sounds too much like another Sambuca / Sfuzzi. Funny… I lived in Winston-Salem for 6 yrs and don’t remember this place at all.

  5. ahmed

    The place in winston is new and good time. Seems you haven’t been in a while, but you are reading blogs for Dallas?

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