Dairy-ette Still Grilling After 55 Years

by Steven Doyle      photos by Robert Bostick

In 1956 Ed and Andy Prikryl opened the Dairy-ette near Casa Linda in East Dallas. From the beginning the couple made these fantastic burgers, hand-cut fries, ice cream sodas and shakes, and their very own in-house root beer.

It was an idyllic time where James Dean ruled the big screen and Gumby enjoyed the small screen. Coonskin hats and poodle skirts weren’t the only fads, so were car hops wielding skates (the four-wheel variety) and the burger was king. 

Today the burger is still a hot commodity in Dallas regardless of the In-N-Out hype machine, and the Dairy-ette stands as a reminder to simpler times. You can still get the shakes and homemade root beer. The burgers and fries are made the same way they were cooked back nearly 55 years ago.

Taste a bit of nostalgia and check out Dairy-ette.

9785 Ferguson Rd


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3 responses to “Dairy-ette Still Grilling After 55 Years

  1. Kat

    I grew up not to far from Dairy-ette, it has been a long standing favorite. Love their frosty rootbeer and hand cut fires.

  2. JC

    That looks delicious …. I only get to eat out on weekends, so I will add this to my list. Keep em coming. Also, I have a gordita from El Padrino on my list, from the previous (Best Taco) post. What kind of meat did you get, Steven?

    • When I was last there I had a veal stuffed gordita and tried both the barbacoa and lengua (very good). I have also had the breakfast and loved that as well.

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