Fractal Logic Mural Show and Forces of Nature

by StealingKitty  photos by Robert Bostick

I had the pleasure of attending Kettle Art, ‘Forces of Nature’, opening one hot Thursday night. The exhibition features works from 6 women artists and their interpretation on the theme. What happens after the fire, the sensual cacti, and the joyful celebration of life caught my attention and brought me in for a closer look at this exhibition.

Julia Schloss has been reclaiming and re-imagining found articles since she was a child. This passion continues with her work of reclaiming artifacts found from a burned house in her neighborhood. She took me through her series. The beginning of this story starts with everything burned to a crisp but a couple of photos from a life once shared in a house on a street; the background, burned wallpaper from the ashes. It was heartbreaking. 

The next piece begins to come to life with color and forms. There are remnants from the wreckage, illustrating this is a beginning and we are starting to rebuild. The ending, reclaimed, colorfully painted dolls atop of painted wood boards. I felt the celebration and the renewed life.

There is something soft, sensual and intriguin about cacti. If this cacti has the hand of Corey Godfrey involved. Godfrey has taken her art to another level, with the emergence of these masculine cacti turned erotic; celebrating Godfrey’s talented, dirty mind. The series began as a dream that portrayed large, ominous cacti. She took this inspiration and put her sexy spin on each work. The series starts slow and then picks up its pace, in the finale. There is a large, succulent cacti among a purple, lush background. The piece has depth with the addition of different hues of green, black, and orange. Soft, sensual, and lush, Godfrey’s work is sure to delight.

There is a celebration going on at this exhibition and Misha Flores and painting it out loud. I felt great joy while viewing her painting that depicts the connectedness of animal and tree in this living infinity. In brushed motion, a light pastel background sets the tone, and the luminous sun illuminates life. The life consists of delightful painted monkeys, tree, roots, birds, curvaceous naked women, and a variety of other livin things swirling together life. Her Buddhist beliefs feel present in another work featuring a woman with tentacle-like hair in a lotus position.

The beautiful greens and blues play nicely in this piece and continue influencing a feeling of joy while being viewed. I applaud Misha for celebrating life on her painted canvas and am thankful to experience joy while standing in front of her work.

Kettle Art Gallery is a fantastic place for checking out art and most importantly buying art. The art is priced to sell and supports a true artists’ gallery. This showing will be up through tonight and they close at 10pm. Get down there while you can and pick up one of these fine pieces. Bring the joy of art and celebrate our local artists thru their canvas into your living room.

Kettle Art Gallery
2714 Elm Street
Dallas, TX 75226


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