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Eat More Pie: National Pie Day

by Steven Doyle

Good Morning USA! It is National Pie Day and we want to celebrate with you all day by offering up a slice or two for you to enjoy. There is some confusion as to which national day is the true pie day, so we celebrate both just to be safe. We believe today to be the real deal and saved a few good slices for all to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites in no particular order.    Continue reading

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Cohn Drennan Contemporary Opens With Michael Blair and Angel Fernandez


Cohn Drennan Contemporary opens the 2013-2014 season with new works of art from gallery artists Michael Blair and Angel Fernandez.  Michael Blair’s new series of paintings is inspired by some small experimental paint sketches from the last year.  His work continues its commitment to innovating and revisiting modes of abstraction by absorbing his surroundings, taking mental Continue reading

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Gallery Walk: Special Art Edition

by Erica Guajardo
Laura Rathe Fine Art: Roy James: “Duality”
On Saturday, April 6th, the galleries on Dragon Street open their doors once again to show Dallas what is trending in the art world.  Although we tend to walk the shows with knowledge of what galleries specialize in what type of art, last gallery walk we notice a new addition to the experience.  Laura Rathe Fine Art is a space which dazzles in the horizon line because it features a gallery space that is two stories.
Opening their second exhibition this weekend to highlight the works of Roi James, which depicts meditative abstract paintings and wood wall sculptures, surrendering the artist thoughts and emotions.   Allowing the artist to be hypnotized the viewer with movement within.  Come visit the solo exhibition Roy James: “Duality”, located at  1130 Dragon Street from 6-9pm.    Continue reading

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Blow-Up Gallery’s New Frontiers Show

Wenli Liuby Erica Guajardo

As an artist who is emerging in Dallas, I know how hard it is to break out and let your art be shown to the public.  Regardless of personality traits, you have to be someone who is willing to open up and allow themselves to be judged. On Saturday, February 2, 2013, I had the pleasure of attending an art show at Blow-Up Gallery, which presented pieces from emerging and veteran artists residing in Dallas.    Continue reading

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Meet Photographer Leonard Volk At Gallerie Noir, Plus Win A Free Copy Of His Book

everydayby Steven Doyle

Local photographer Leonard Volk has had a storied life, one filled with interest and intrigue. Now a retired architect, Volk once served his country in the Counter Intelligence Corps. As an active community volunteer Volk helped shape the landscape of Dallas. Recently Volk’s collection of photographs were published and his work has been on display throughout the country.

You may meet the Volk Tuesday, December 18, 2012 from 5:30 to 7:30 at Gallerie Noir in the Design District which is located at 1525 Dragon Street. We offer you a chance to know Volk through this special Q&A we hope you enjoy.

We are also giving away a signed copy of Everyday to one very special reader who we will select at random among any comments left below.  We will select a winner on Tuesday, December 18, 2012. Continue reading


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$100 Day Trips: Art is for Lovers

by Danielle Leahy                             photos by Jacque Manaugh

Hi, I’m the new Dallas, have we met?

Often bemoaned as a big name city with only small town fun, Dallas has long been considered a cultural wasteland of chain restaurants and pg rated community theater. Lacking in large scale public transportation, arts projects, or community involvement, for many of Dallas young professionals and up coming adults, a night on the town was usually limited to the current bar rotation on the fickle five hundred’s short list. Families trying to arrange weekend visits of public attractions could find little supporting infrastructure or options to make a drive into the city worth it for a family of four.      Continue reading


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