Wachu Tacobot Willis? La Grange

by Danielle Leahy     photos by Jacque Manaugh

La Grange changes their menu and throws down the gauntlet

You know when you eat something so wonderful, so perfect, it forever changes how you feel about an entire category of food? Well La Grange’s new Crab Claw “Swanky Taco” just knocked the taco-ball out of the park. It’s been almost 36 hrs since I had my last one and I haven’t really been able to focus on much since other than then thoughts of succulent crab chunks, sweet roasted corn, crunchy red cabbage, and creamy avocado all topped in their amazing Peach Chipotle. Must. Have. More. Crab tacos.  

For the last few weeks La Grange has quietly been testing out their all new taco only menu. Featuring 8 regular and one weekly “Swanky Taco” as well as taco salads and breakfast tacos their new menu is sure to please any taco-enthusiast and with prices at only $2 for a regular $3 for a Swanky, and $5.50 for a salad who couldn’t find something to love?

An added bonus comes in the form of the 2 veggie/vegan options with the menu proudly declaring all beans are meat free. For now the menu offers Buffalo, Brisket, Ground Beef, Cilantro Lime Chicken, Pork Verde, Blackened Tilapia, Mushroom Poblano, and Pinto Bean Poblano with one weekly Swanky Taco to be feature as well. In the works are Rattlesnake, Venison, and Ostrich.

Loaded with that information the Tacobots decided to pay a visit and see how the biggest menu change in Deep Ellum played out.

What are the Tacobots you might ask? Well allow me to answer your question with a question. Do you LOVE tacos? Like LOVE love tacos? Well then you, my friend, are a Tacobot too. We’re actually just a group of taco and fun loving people who meet up twice a month (alternating between street taco vendors and more established restaurants) to try new tacos across Dallas and we will be reporting from the front-lines from now on.

There is not much bad that can be said about the new Tacos at La Grange. Aside from the Crab Claw the Brisket came in right behind with many a Bot declaring it the “best brisket taco” they had ever had. I thought they were joking at first. I was wrong. The Brisket taco at La Grange is REAL Texas Brisket. Not Barbacoa, not some odd type of shredded beef. This taco delivers the tangy smokey punch of flavor usually found only in a BBQ establishment and not on a taco.

If you like Brisket Tacos and BBQ this is you’re taco Mecca.

Up next would be a three way tie between the Pork Verde, Cilantro Lime Chicken, and Blackened Tilapia. The pork was amazingly juicy and loaded with heat for the Spice Heads and topped with red onions, lettuce, and habanero crema. The Cilantro Lime Chicken was tangy, herbaceous, with a light, almost Mediterranean, feel to it. These were also the largest of the tacos, with the shredded chicken just pouring over the sides. The salad version of the Cilantro Lime Chicken taco is their biggest lunch time seller. The Blackened Tilapia made a fish taco believer out of many a Tacobot. It was crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside and topped with red cabbage, green onions, and mango and cilantro chutney.

Finally, the two Veggie options. Mushroom Poblano also had sautéed spinach, and thick slices of grilled portabella mushrooms along with the roasted Poblano peppers. The Pinto Bean Poblano was a veggie lovers delight with roasted Poblano, beans, corn strips, caramelized onions, grilled red peppers, and queso fresco.

Now what to wash all these amazing tacos down with you might ask? May I suggest the Adult Sno. Piled high and topped with the shot of your choice these Sno Cones are anything but child’s play. Available in pineapple, grape, and raspberry and made with a Hawaiian Sno grade snow-cone machine these suckers are both light and airy (not hard and crunchy like most snow cone stands) and pack enough punch to have you feeling them before are finished. With Malibu at only $3 a shot this is one dessert you don’t want to miss.

We were not prepared to love the Taco Menu at La Grange as much as we did. Heck, we picked it cause it was a BAR that had tacos and the kind of quirky, witty staff that can make you smile no matter what kind of day you’ve had. It’s not like any one had high expectations for the tacos, even if we do love their brunch (which is still going on every weekend, so don’t worry). Now I’m left trying to figure out how I will ever come down from my Crab Claw taco high.

We raise our Adult Sno’s to you, La Grange!

Want to join Tacobots or have a a great idea for our next Meetup? Check out our group on Facebook or email me at tacobotsdfw@gmail.com


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7 responses to “Wachu Tacobot Willis? La Grange

  1. slade

    finally a case of the crabs i wouldnt mind having

  2. Sounds so gooooood!! Hats off to you for writing it so enthusiastically and descriptively, You creat tempting mental images that make you want a La Grange taco NOW!!

  3. Billy Blackerby

    Chef Chris Moreno is really making an impact..

  4. their food is amazing just go

  5. These tacos are amazing.
    I have tried 4 different types so far and they have all been A+ delish.
    So excited to have these tacos in the hood!!
    and p.s. their chips are amazing, plentiful and only $1 on the side.

  6. Justin Julian

    We’ve tried the chicken, mushroom poblano, blackened tilapia, and crab claw tacos, and the pork verde and beef brisket salad bowls. Only the tilapia was anything other than amazeballs. The tilapia was good, it just didn’t blow our doors off. Everything else? Unbelievable. The mushroom poblano tacos are some of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. The salads I’ve had are incredible, tons of fresh greens, nice amount of meat, LOTS of queso fresco, and the jalapeno ranch is fantastic. And the prices are not to be believed:$5.50 for the salad bowls, $2 for tacos (except buffalo and crab, which are $3). That’s just stupidly cheap.

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