Rhost Opens Quietly And With Aplomb

by Steven Doyle

Rohst, the new Korean-style restaurant on Greenville Avenue has opened its doors, even if it was quietly allowing the staff to shake out any kinks in service before making an official announcement.

The new building that was in the former Terilli’s location has risen from its ashes and made way for a beautiful new structure that although new blends well with the neighborhood.  You may find several nods to the past in the Greenville Avenue Bar and Grill sign planted in front of Rhost, and many photos from the past inside the new restaurant.

Rohst is clean, sleek and inviting inside with a mezzanine level that seats 85 and a rooftop bar that can hold upwards to 100 with a total seating capacity of 400. 

We spoke with one of the 5 investors, Patrick Kelly, yesterday and he was able to show us around the building and spoke to what Rohst was trying to achieve in the diverse neighborhood.

“Rohst is the vision of Steve and Michelle Choi who formerly owned Chosun Kalbi BBQ on Royal.  They managed to turn the restaurant around and make it elegant and successful.  They also owned two Dodie’s franchises, the one in Addison and Rockwall.  They since sold off the Addison location to concentrate on Rhost,” said Kelly.

“We are looking to bring big, bold Asian flavors to the mainstream, making it modern, contemporary and successful,” continued Kelly who has been in the restaurant industry for years, opening many PF Changs and Nick and Sam’s.

There are currently plans for four additional stores, concentrating on the Austin market next.

Here are a few dishes we tasted yesterday:

The Avocado Pork Roll’s were crisp, flavorful and extremely unique.

The appetizers are well executed with a unique items that reminded us of a trip to one of the Korean markets in K-Town.  The Seafood Pancakes were rich and satisfying.

Pank0 Crusted Green Beans were a hit at our table, offering a nice snap and crunchiness.

These Criss Cut Short Ribs (tablitas) are slow cooked and high on flavor, served with roasted potatoes.

The braised short ribs are devoid of fat, but simmered with flavor. Served with water chestnuts, root vegetables and and glass potato noodles.

Rohst uses a K-Town bakery and offers a variety of desserts to finish off the hearty meals.


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10 responses to “Rhost Opens Quietly And With Aplomb

  1. we really need some good Asian food this side of 635. i’m excited there’s been quite a few new ones lately. Mouth watered over the ribs. lol..

  2. ps i forgot to say that we need more restaurants opening with ‘Aplomb’. what an awesome word. I’m going to teach it to the kids.

  3. There was another dish we tried and actually loved more than any we tasted yesterday, but the photo did not do justice. The barbecue pork ribs are insanely good. Tender with a slight sweetness. Worth the price of admission alone.

    Aplomb is a cool word.

  4. slade

    did you mean the same buidling with Terrilli’s or are they actually in Terrilli’s spot? I thought Terrilli’s was coming back.

  5. Terlilli’s will be open next month in the same building that hosts 3 restaurants. Dodies, Rohst and Terilli’s. All are across the street from The Grape. Good food corner!

  6. slade

    so Rohst is in the middle in the old GBG place

  7. Bill

    Two rib dishes look quite good. Korean friend went and sadly wasn’t impressed.

  8. I’m sorry to hear what Bill just said. Oh well. I’ll have to try it out. I don’t really have any expectations to speak of. No background in Korean food.

  9. William

    This place is already looking like it is struggling

  10. Susan

    We’ve been several times. They have a great happy hour too, along with a nice wine selection. The food is very good. The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. This place really rounds out the variety on the block with quality food!

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