Harris, Balke Leave RedFork

by Steven Doyle

We have been following the continuing saga of RedFork and last evening they opened their doors after being closed for several days, except this time without Jeff Harris (formerly of Craft Dallas) and Matt Balke (formerly of York Street).

The executive and sous chef’s of RedFork have officially resigned citing creative differences with the investors. Harris plans to enjoy a couple of weeks at home with his new baby boy before announcing his next venture. In the meantime, it looks like RedFork continues on, “business as usual.”

After being forced to close down this week due to what we have been told was a gas leak while installing a new pizza oven, and on the heels of Harris and Balke resigning, owners of the new neighborhood pub opened back up tonight to a packed house enjoying the same menu. Line cook Ryan Carbery has been promoted to the vacated position.

We stopped by the newly opened restaurant last night for more information and met with owner Matthew Anderson who was not completely forthcoming with information but had this statement to offer, “ we just want to run the restaurant with the same menu and keep everyone employed.”

The restaurant appears to have been doing extremely well.  CraveDFW will continue to monitor the situation at RedFork for further details.


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37 responses to “Harris, Balke Leave RedFork

  1. richard

    “same menu?” Where are the sweetbreads and fois? and I don’t remeber porkloin and a grilled chicken sandwich on Harris’ menu. Sad that such a great thing went to waste.

    • matilda

      it really is a shame. the decor wasn’t much, but there was definitely a buzz about the place when you walked in. it was nice and layed back, full of people having a great time and enjoying delicious food. it will be missed.

  2. slade

    damn, and i never got a white bloody mary either…

  3. RT

    Hopefully the new guy will make it better. Chili’s has a more interesting menu.

  4. mike

    the damn money guys ruin things every time. silent partners, not so silent.

  5. Kat

    Stopped by there last night for one of the tasty cocktails I’d been reading about only to be told that they were not doing “cocktails” only beer and wine. The bartender was very evasive and I knew something was up. Hopefully they will straighten everything out.

  6. matilda

    RT… from what i understand, that is one of the reasons that jeff is leaving. jeff was not allowed complete control over the menu. i’m sure it will now look exactly like a chili’s or applebee’s menu.

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  8. BB

    What a shame! Harris and Balke made that place great. Guess it’s just another off the path beer joint now. I won’t be going back to AppleFork’s anytime soon.

    Good luck to Harris and Balke, hope to see these guys doing their thing again soon.

  9. LD

    Owners that own and manage and want to control the menu from out of state are hard to deal with.. Three different owners to answer to can’t be fun either. Too bad for Balke and Harris, I’m sure this isnt the last we’ll hear from them..

  10. Brandon Smoot

    There is no end to wasted talent via the powers-that-be. This is an industry of skills placed into the caretaking of the unskilled.

  11. Wow. I had been 5 or 6 times and RedFork was quickly becoming a go-to spot for me, primarily because of how well Matt Balke treated me. What a cool dude. I’ll be back in to say ‘Hey’ to Ryan Carberry, but I have a hard time believing the place will be the same, and that is to say it won’t be as good. Had high hopes for the spot, but a sea change after one month can’t be a good sign.

  12. Peter sands

    The food and wine by jeff and balke held the place together. Just go to capitol if you want cold beers

  13. Will

    Dang I was going to try this place for the first time tonight bc I had heard good things. Going to skip it now

  14. Day Late; Dollar short — cancelling resvs for tonight!!

  15. Bill

    Hope we get more of a follow up.

  16. I guess we’ll be seeing, “restaurant space for lease” signs soon.

  17. John

    “I mow over friends for business”

  18. Mildred

    So is there any reason to here now? Heard food was great but will it be the same with now with out the big name chefs

  19. Bill, you can count on us following up on both sides.

  20. Franken-dine

    I understand that there was a deal reached a few days ago, but the investor retracted by changing locks (i saw a locksmith there the other day) and “re-opening” on his own. BAD business move man! And telling people that the previous menu was crap? REALLY? Harris and Balke were the reason people wrte going! I hope he enjoys his dollar draft frat bar!

  21. Analogy: (from perspective of someone who has never owned an animal and hate pets) I open a zoo and hire two very succesfull and expert zoo keepers to watch the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) Zoo keeper one says, “hmmmm I have a lot of experience and we need a larger cage, more water for elephants, and extra food for lions.” Zoo owner says,” go f%#&$ yourself I’ME AN OIL MAN”

  22. Car ma

    Spaggetti and meatballs? I will just head to victor tangos

  23. Bill Riccio

    I ran by RedSpork today for a few mountain dews and a sloppy joe. Wow! This place is a keeper. Last time I was in an establishment this delicious was the crescent star diner inside the iron oak bowling alley in Winchestertonfieldville Iowa. The owner was awesome he reminds me of a weak and minature David Hasslehoff and his fact is not nearly as saggy and alcohol soaked as Balke’s.

  24. Bill Riccio

    * his face.

  25. Michelle

    This makes me very sad; most of the reason I went to Redfork was to support and follow Jeff Harris who is an amazing Chef. That menu was a complete reflection of his creative twist on American food.

    I know the publicity and success of Redfork was due to Chefs popularity and talent….I hope they can succeed with out him…

  26. Womp Womp

    This is so sad. Jeff and Matt were doing so well too! They should probably do a re-opening of the place to differentiate it from what Jeff and Matt started. Good luck to Ryan and everyone else who’s still there.

  27. Larla Jean

    No Jeff Harris- no Red Fork! Maybe Harris & Balke should just wait it out and lease the building when it goes out of business. I really feel for the staff, the only reason they got the boost they did was because of the reputation of the chefs and the mixologist. The world did not need just another beer and sandwich joint.

  28. BorntoRhone

    I am so sad to hear this and thankful that I at least got to have the veal sweetbreads before they left. I will probably give it another shot since I remember Ryan Carbery cooking some very nice food while he was at Lazare. Plus there is Kevin’s excellent wine list!

  29. Annika

    i went in last night and was warmly greeted and well taken care of, Ryan was there the entire time they opened and is a talented kid who is new in town with years of experience , everything is about perspective people, this is a great opportunity for him to show us what hes got ,he sounded like he knew the menu wasn’t where it needed to be,he was confident and carried himself well and his ideas were solid. lets all give this a little time and see what happens.

  30. MeMe

    Nothing will every change the fact that the “investor/owner” has shown his true colors as a man of little character, no loyalty, and a “little man’s” ego that is out of control. Left to his own devices, well, just take a look at how it’s working out for him. I think that his partners and friends are very lucky that he revealed himself this early. Me me me me, it’s all about me! I’m the boss. I fear that the world has a way of making things right.

  31. JTB

    Balke is an excellent chef and it is a crying shame he put so much into this over the last few months only to be shived by the yahoos he gave so much to. It happens. Balke will rise again.

  32. MrNiceGuy

    Get over it. Not a very impressive, or unique menu by any stretch. I mean you guys read it right? Oh, and two desserts, brownie, or cookie. WEAK!

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