Are You Gilty, Dallas?

by Steven Doyle

Last night I attended the kick-off party for Gilt City Dallas, the steroid version of Groupon that entices its users with promises of exclusive menus prepared by top chefs, tickets to sold-out shows, and A-list pampering at luxury salons — all at mega discounts.

Although I didn’t get any new information from Gilt about the new Dallas venture last evening, I will be hunting down more details in the coming week that should prove beneficial to craveDFW readers. 

Until then, check out their site and chime in here with your opinions.  I think this will certainly be something unique for Dallas that comes with impeccable timing.

While heading out of the party I was handed a goodie bag chockfull of really nice things. Probably one of the better bags I have nosed through in some time.  Here is your chance to take it away from me.  Look at Gilt and then come back with an opinion here for your chance to snag the booty.

Crave will personally hand deliver the bag tomorrow to your home or office.  By the way, it weighs about 6 pounds.


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11 responses to “Are You Gilty, Dallas?

  1. Steven,
    I am a HUGE fan of guilt and was participating in the other Gilt City editions way before Dallas was on the table ( I scored some great deals to Bliss Spa!), and I am a frequent purchaser of their online loot. I even booked my Barbados honeymoon through their Jetsetter travel deals- fingers crossed that will all work out!
    I would love some fun goodies 🙂
    Yours truly,
    -Gilt obsessed!

  2. Monica

    If the first three offers are an indication of what is to come, I’m pretty excited about Gilt City in Dallas. Of course, as quickly as those offers sold out, it will become a new obsession to check and see what is posted and when.

  3. sweet site Doyle!!! Thanks for keeping me in the know!!! Where is my gift bag??? I will trade bourbon for gifts!!

  4. Love it! I’ve been burned by Groupon and no longer use it so thrilled to see a more cutting edge discount site for the hottest happenings in Dallas. I will definitely use Gilt City and I think it lines up nicely with my Crave following. Gift bag???? Sounds more like a gift BOX if it has to be delivered. Always a pleasure to see you Steven. 🙂

  5. slade


  6. Adam

    yeah I have been following Gilt for a while now – I am excited to see a local version coming to our fair ‘burg.

  7. McVitie

    Best piece on the business model was in the WSJ this week

  8. Dan

    I’m a recent transplant from NYC and used Gilt all the time. Great deals can be had, and much better than Groupon, Living Social, etc. Looking forward to the great deals

  9. Rob

    Great site looking forward to the deals and a possible goody bag

  10. Liz

    I am a Gilt lover! Would love a Gilt goody bag – it sounds fabulous!

  11. I’m bitchy about not getting an invite. I’ve been a Gilt customer for forever. Sigh and pout. A goodie bag would certainly make me feel better…

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